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Mar 2015

Indonesia: Export and domestic prices for log, sawnwood and panels

The Indonesian rupiah recently fell sharply against the US dollar on fears Indonesia's trade with China, its biggest trading partner, will decline as China settles for a slower and more structured growth model [Mais... ]

Mar 2014

Indonesia: Following VPA ratification, exports to EU may rise up to 10%

On 27 February the European parliament ratified the EUIndonesia Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA). This agreement acknowledges that Indonesian timber and wood products are being certified through the domestic timber legality verification system (SVLK) as legally harvested and processed, thus complying with the EU Timber Regulation, which became effective in March last year [Mais... ]

Jan 2014

Indonesia: Debate over if log exports should resume after ban

The suggestion that limited log exports could be resumed has generated considerable debate. The idea was first made by the Association of Indonesian Forest Concessionaires (APHI) who said such a change in the ban on log exports would generate better prices and offer opportunities for market diversification [Mais... ]

Aug 2013

Indonesian wood products prices increase

Indonesia’s domestic demand continues to be robust, offsetting the slow growth in exports... [Mais... ]

Indonesia: latest prices for log, sawnwood and panels

The Indonesian government, in cooperation with UNDP and UNREDD, has launched an English version of it comprehensive forest management index... [Mais... ]

Jul 2013

Indonesia: latest export prices for log, sawnwood and panels

The Australian government has indicated it will not extend the Indonesia-Australia Kalimantan Forest Conservation Partnership in its present form and will halt a project in Indonesia to restore and protect forests and peatland in Kalimantan. [Mais... ]

Jun 2013

Indonesia: New markets, the key to boost exports

Gusmardi Bustami, Director General of the national export development division of the Ministry of Trade has said that Indonesian exports are expected to be higher than last year because of growth in recently developed new markets. [Mais... ]

May 2013

Opportunities for international trade in Indonesian plantation logs

Media reports suggest that the Ministry of Forestry is considering lifting the log export ban to provide an incentive for the further development of industrial plantations... [Mais... ]

Indonesia: SVLK undermining export competitiveness

SVLK undermining export competitiveness It is now four months since Indonesia’s timber legality assurance system (SVLK) became operational but the timber industry is expressing concern that the investments made by companies in Indonesia to secure SVLK certification is not delivering the benefits expected... [Mais... ]

Apr 2013

Indonesia: FSC certification promoted as aiding concessionaires satisfy SVLK

Rahardjo Benjamin, Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian Concession Holder’s Association (APHI) said that the timeframe for the entry into force of the SVLK certification system was such that members of the Association are having great difficulty complying... [Mais... ]

Indonesia: 17,000 SVLK certified export shipments

The latest statistics from the Indonesian Timber Legality Information System (SILK) quoted by Dwi Sudharto of the Ministry of Forestry (MoF) indicate that 17,121 export documents submitted in compliance with the timber legality assurance system (TLAS) have been approved to-date by the Indonesia National Single Windows (INSW)... [Mais... ]

Mar 2013

Indonesia’s timber legality assurance system promoted to UK trade

The Ministry of Forestry and the Indonesian Embassy in the UK recently held an event to promote Indonesia’s timber legality assurance system (SVLK)... [Mais... ]

Indonesia: Debate rages on forest concession moratorium

Officials at Indonesia’s Forestry Ministry have said the country should continue with its ban on the issuance of new forest concessions to fully participate in international efforts on climate change mitigation... [Mais... ]

Feb 2013

Indonesia: Jakarta businesses hit by deadly floods

Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, was brought to a standstill by flooding which peaked on 17 January... [Mais... ]

Indonesia: Exporters urged to diversify international markets

The Ministry of Forestry recently hosted a press conference for the Secretary General of the Ministry of Forestry and the head of EU Delegation for Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam and ASEAN, Ambassador Julian Wilson... [Mais... ]

Jan 2013

Indonesian legality verification system enters into force

Indonesia and the European Union have finalised an agreement aimed at ending trade in illegally-sourced wood through the implementation of the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA)... [Mais... ]

Dec 2011

Indonesia to implement a “Green Prosperity Project”

The United States has reportedly pledged US$450 million for an environmental and climate change cooperation programme with Indonesia... [Mais... ]

Indonesia: Risk of dispute looms peatland boundaries are adjusted

Indonesia is revising the boundaries of the peatland defined in the moratorium agreed with Norway... [Mais... ]

Nov 2011

Nigeria makes presence felt at Expo Indonesia

Indonesia attracted around US$351 million in trade agreements and orders at the 26th Trade Expo Indonesia, the country’s largest trade exhibition, held from October 19th to October 23rd... [Mais... ]

Indonesia expected to phase out raw rattan exports

The Indonesian Industry Ministry is widely expected to phase out the export of raw rattan over a three years period commencing early 2012 in a bid to revive the local rattan industry... [Mais... ]

Oct 2011

Counterfeit furniture deceiving Indonesian consumers says ASMINDO

The Indonesian domestic furniture market is worth around USS$700 million according to the Indonesian Furniture Entrepreneurs Association (ASMINDO)... [Mais... ]

Indonesia: Investors in oil palm have to wait for revised regulations on plantations

Reports indicate that the Indonesian government has decided to delay the implementation of a regulation governing industrial forest plantations that would permit planters, particularly those in the oil palm industry, to cultivate areas reserved for timber and other sources of raw material supply for local industries... [Mais... ]

Sep 2011

Indonesia: Successful implementation of legal origin verification to ensure market access to the EU

Indonesia stands to gain from having implemented a system to verify the legality of its timber supply chain according to an official from the Multi-stakeholder Forestry Programme (MFP)... [Mais... ]

Indonesian wooden furniture moving upmarket in Australia

Indonesian wooden furniture is moving upmarket in Australia with the opening of the Discount House Direct (DHD) in the central business district of Lismore, New South Wales... [Mais... ]

Aug 2011

Indonesian forestry continues to attract investment

To-date, the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry has issued 12 licenses for commercial forest plantations (HTI) according to reports... [Mais... ]