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Jan 2014

Germany: wood pellets price slightly lower

At the beginning of the year the average price of wood pellets in Germany has slightly decreased. However, as compared to January 2013, the price is higher. The price advantage of pellets over fuel oil is currently [Mais... ]

Germany: wood products price index stable

At the end of 2013, the German producer price index for wood products is relatively stable. Since October, no significant changes can be noticed. KVH, however [Mais... ]

Dec 2013

Germany: Producer prices for wood products largely stable

In October, the producer price index for wood products in Germany is at a stable level as compared to September. Only pellets have become significantly more expensive. Beech blocks are [Mais... ]

Germany: pellets price advantage over heating oil down to 23.3%

In December, the average price for pellets in Germany is EUR 285.61/t. This represents a price increase of 1.1% from October. Compared to the same month last year, pellets are 13% more expensive. The price advantage over heating oil is continuously decreasing and currently stands at 23.3% [Mais... ]

Nov 2013

Germany: Pellets again more expensive in November

As the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV) reported, the average price for a tonne of pellets in Germany has increased slightly over the previous month and currently stands at [Mais... ]

Oct 2013

Germany: pellet price continues to rise in October

For October, the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV) reported a 1.6% pellets price increase in Germany. The average price is currently at... [Mais... ]

Sep 2013

Germany: Pellet price continues to rise

In September, wood pellets costs for consumers in Germany are slightly higher than the previous month... [Mais... ]

Aug 2013

German producer prices: stability in July; pellets and wood chips more expensive

In July, German producer price index for wood products is characterized by... [Mais... ]

Jul 2013

Germany's pellet price rose slightly in July

The price of wood pellets has increased slightly in July. The DEPV index for Germany is currently at 269.37 EUR / t, thus 1.74 percent higher the previous month... [Mais... ]

Jun 2013

Pellets price stable in Germany

The price of wood pellets is still on a summer level. The DEPV index for Germany in June 2013 shows that the price is 264.76 EUR / ton, slightly higher than the previous month, as reported by the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV). [Mais... ]

Feb 2013

Softwood Prices rise in South/Central Germany

Prices for Softwood in South Central Germany (Baden-Wurttemberg, and Hessen) have slightly increased. The new contracts are valid through to mid-year. The Demand for pine and spruce wood is stable and well above [Mais... ]

Spruce Prices remains stable in North Germany

Spruce prices in northern Germany remain for the most stable over the year. There are open contracts, which run until the end of the first or even the second quarter 2013. New contracts were signed principally during [Mais... ]

Jan 2013

Sawers in Germany worried about the national Lumber market

In Listening these days to dialogues amongst hardwood sawmills one would hear the word "Uncertainty" quite often This uncertainty relates to the potency of the market with domestic sawn timber customers. Sawmills have gradually suffered more from the competition from East European and Asian suppliers. [Mais... ]

Slight Recovery in Producer Prices for Lumber

In November, the producer price indices in lumber have made ​​a slight recovery. The indices for KVH and boards remain clearly below the previous year, some of them have also lost again from the previous month. Most clearly. the negative price trend affects KVH and chipboard panels, a sign that price pressure is strong due to oversupply. The significant increase in the price index for pellets and briquettes can not be explained by seasonal effects. Compared with the same month last year, prices in November this year are more than 6 percent higher. The price advantage of pellets over fuel oil is shrinking. [Mais... ]

Pellets Booming, Raw Particle on a landslide

The price statistics of manufacturing was in December 2012 at stand still. In comparison to November, the only indices of a significant change were in structural timber, pellets and raw particle board and partially for Squared A/ B timber in storage. [Mais... ]

Pellet prices rise 2.2% in January

The price index of the DEPV (German energy wood and Pellets Association) in January 2013 stands at 261.86 EUR / ton. The price is nearly 2.2 % up compared to December. The Continuous cold weather is leading to a higher demand [Mais... ]

Dec 2012

Germany: Pellets price rises 2,6% in November

November, energy wood and pellet-Verband e.V. (DEPV) the ton of pellets in Germany at an average 247,90 EUR / t, an increase compared to the previous month by 2.6 % according to the DEPV the rise in price is attributed in particular to high commodity prices. [Mais... ]

Moderate Price Changes in Packaging Lumber

According to the Federation for packaging lumber, pallets, export (HPE), there are only moderate changes in the prices for packaging lumber in the fourth quarter. According to the HPE index, with the exception of OSB, prices have declined slightly in the fourth quarter. [Mais... ]

Nov 2012

German Beech Market in Detail - Lack of Exports

The beginning of the hardwood season has been delayed this year. Anyway in the last years the beginning of each season has moved further and further back. One reason for this is the fact that the completion of the last season lasts even longer, according to a sales manager of the.... [Mais... ]

Germany: Expected price pressure for pine wood.

For the fourth quarter of the year, the softwood round prices in Eastern Germany (BB, SA, SN, TH) have not change. After a moderate price cut for the third quarter, prices remain mostly valid until the end of the year. During the last weeks, a general increase in demand has been reported. [Mais... ]

Hardwood log price in Eastern Germany

Lower export demand for beech logs is a matter of concern in the East of Germany. In previous years 20% of the beech log production from Sachsen Anhalt was exported. Currently there are no export customers for this volume and the wood has to be sold in Germany. Price negotiations for beechwood are ongoing.... [Mais... ]

Spruce prices remain unchanged in North-Rhine Westphalia

In the fourth quarter, the prices for spruce logs of sawn timber quality remained unchanged in North-Rhine Westphalia. These prices should remain unchanged until March 2013. The prices have been agreed upon in the third quarter. The guide price for Spruce BC 2b+ remains unchanged at... [Mais... ]

Spruce and pine in northern Germany; stable to slightly rising

Spruce and pine log prices are reported as stable or increasing slightly in States in Northern Germany. Demand exceeds supply in both log species. Consequently log removal by buyers is rapid. Current log prices ... [Mais... ]

Hardwood market in Northern Germany

In northern German provinces, the beech and oak market seems to be less tight than elsewhere. Oak logs have already been sold out in provinces where contracts have been concluded. In what concerns the beech wood, the situation is different: beech wood sales ... [Mais... ]

Oct 2012

The oak market until the fall of 2012

Although during the previous years the demand for oak logs exceeded the supply in a noticeable and almost significant way, within the course of this spring the surplus in demand has decreased noticeably in Germany. This was particularly clear during this year's value appointments for quality timber: starting from February the average revenue for every Fm decreased by... [Mais... ]

The KVH market has revived slightly

During summer, both price and demand addressed to the KVH have remained stable in Germany. This was unanimously acknowledged by several producers. However, in the respective holiday period, demand weakened slightly. Apart from that, the holiday season did not have any noticeable effects. Currently... [Mais... ]