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Jan 2021

Central/West Africa: Signs of orders recovering but prices easing

As businesses in importing countries adapt to working with the coronavirus risk trade has started to revive and some FOB price movements have been reported... [Mais... ]

SCA to increase kraftliner price

SCA will increase the price of white and brown kraftliner by Euro 50 per tonne. The new price is valid for deliveries from... [Mais... ]

Global Hardwood Fiber Price Index up 1.6% in 3Q 2020

In the 3Q 2020, WRI’s the Global Hardwood Fiber Price Index (HFPI) was up by 1.6% to $81.17/odmt, following a 16-year low in the previous quarter... [Mais... ]

Swiss pellet prices a little more expensive January 2021

Pellet prices in Switzerland partly continued their upward trend in January 2021. On average, they reach a value of 359.3 CHF ... [Mais... ]

The French beech market analyzed by Claude Schnepf

Claude Schnepf heads Scierie et Caisserie de Steinbourg, one of the leaders in the beech market in France with 75,000 m3 processed annually, a capacity which will soon increase to 100,000 m3 thanks to a major investment program. The company exports 70% of its turnover outside the EU (€ 21m in 2019), mainly to China, a market that Claude Schnepf has known for 25 years... [Mais... ]

Germany: Stable pellet prices at the beginning of the year

At the beginning of the year, the price for wood pellets in Germany was at the usual stable level. The return to the regular VAT rate of 7% has resulted in a slight price increase... [Mais... ]

Dec 2020

Lumber prices in North America recover as demand improves

It’s unbelievable for this time of year and if someone had predicted it a month ago they would have been met with derisive laughter, but lumber prices were actually up last week as demand increased. This is absolutely unprecedented for the week before U.S. Thanksgiving and sawmills simply do not have enough wood in their yards to sell to ravenous customers.. [Mais... ]

Continued strong demand sends North American lumber prices higher

U.S. housing starts were mostly flat in 2019. At this time last year, softwood lumber sales improved markedly and prices started to rise from quite low levels. As the beginning of 2020 came on, the data on U.S. home building was much improved over the previous year, sending demand for construction framing dimension softwood lumber higher... [Mais... ]

China-Europe container crisis escalates putting pressure on wood prices

The China-Europe container crisis has escalated over the past week, with container prices reaching new highs, while the container availability in China remains at record lows. China's exports recovered progressively from the COVID-19 pandemic, and after a pause caused by lockdown measures in Europe... [Mais... ]

Swiss pellet prices continued to rise in December

Pellet prices in Switzerland continued their upward trend in December. On average, they reach a value of 358.6 CHF / t (+ 1%) - after an increase of 0.9% to 355.2 CHF / t in November... [Mais... ]

DACH: log and lumber prices follow demand upwards - at an individual pace

The strong local and global demand for sawn timber in the DACH region is largely responsible for the – partly long-awaited – increase in prices for roundwood. While increases in the high single-digit to low double-digit range are currently being reported for spruce from Schleswig-Holstein via Bavaria to Tyrol and [Mais... ]

U.S. lumber prices are on the rise again

After drifting lower from mid-September to mid-November, U.S. lumber prices are on the rise again. Prices peaked at an all-time high of roughly $950 per thousand board feet in September before gradually moving down to around $550 per thousand board feet last month... [Mais... ]

North American softwood lumber prices keep climbing as industry looks to 2021

At a time of year when housing construction across North America is usually slowing down to very limited activity, thus softwood lumber prices are usually quite soft, in the past couple of weeks there has been a resurgence of strong demand for solid wood products. .. [Mais... ]

Södra to raise price of NBSK to USD 960/tonne

Södra Cell is increasing the price of its northern bleached softwood kraft (NBSK) pulp in Europe to $960, effective 1 January 2021... [Mais... ]

Prices of wood products start to rise in parts of Asia

The pandemic-caused container scarcitiy as well as the resulting increase of freight costs start showing their impact on the wood markets in Asia. But also other current effects are noticed. From the Fordaq network there comes information about several wood products whose prices [Mais... ]

Nov 2020

North American softwood lumber prices fall sharply

What goes up must come down,” as the saying goes. Particularly when talking about markets. After holding firm for four weeks while most other species’ prices fell, the price of benchmark construction framing dimension softwood lumber item Western Spruce-Pine-Fir KD 2×4 #2&Btr fell a not unexpected -$260, or -27%, to end last week at a still-high U.S. $700 mfbm (net FOB sawmill)... [Mais... ]

Vietnamese acacia farmers suffer sharp drop in woodchip price

Wood and wood products exported from Vietnam comprise wooden furniture, woodchips, wood-based panels and wood pellets. In recent years, Viet Nam has emerged as one of the world’s top woodchip exporters... [Mais... ]

Softwood lumber prices in North America stabilize

After some big drops last month, the price of most North American construction framing dimension softwood lumber commodities fell further last week, but by smaller amounts. The supply-demand balance seems to be correcting, due to ongoing strong customers appetite even as the usual autumn slow-down for building activity is upon us... [Mais... ]

US hardwood sawnwood prices stable but sawn softwood prices continue up

Softwood sawnwood prices in the U.S. rose by 27.4% in September, leading the overall price index of materials and components for construction up 2.1% from August... [Mais... ]

France: Lower prices for maritime pine confirmed by latest auctions

The first signs of falling maritime pine prices that appeared in the southwest of France at the end of 2019 were consolidated in the first half of the year. And the results of recent auctions which have just taken place this autumn in the Landes forests, clearly indicate that the decrease in prices is continuing... [Mais... ]

N. American lumber prices stabilize

As market conditions stabilized, some North American construction framing dimension softwood lumber prices fell further, others were flat, and still others actually rose somewhat... [Mais... ]

Oct 2020

Pellet prices in Germany rise slightly in October

The price for wood pellets in Germany rose slightly in October. According to the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV), a ton costs € 227.36 for a purchase of 6 tons... [Mais... ]

Swiss pellet price on the rise in October

Pellet prices in Switzerland are on average slightly up in October. On average they reach a value of 351.9 CHF / t (+ 0.3%). After an increase of 0.1% to 350.8 CHF / t in September, things are looking better... [Mais... ]

Softwood lumber prices correct down in North America

The Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend brought a not-surprising further drop in prices of most benchmark construction framing dimension softwood lumber commodities, as the days got increasingly shorter and the weather turned ever more winter-like. Demand across North America was almost entirely for small fill-in orders, while sawmills were preoccupied with locating shipments long-ago sent to customers but still not arrived... [Mais... ]

Sweden: Roundwood prices continue to decrease

The trend of decreasing delivery prices in Sweden continued during the third quarter of 2020, according to new statistics from the Swedish Forest Agency. The price of pulpwood decreased by 5.9 percent and the sawlog price by 3.0 percent... [Mais... ]

North American lumber prices continue to drop

Recently, producer and wholesaler dimension softwood lumber prices across North America dropped, as expected for this time of year. However, US housing starts data for September 2020 is incredibly strong, so the expectation is that — given ongoing very high demand — asking prices will not approach the low levels of 2019. It is safe to say that a price floor has been reached, although where exactly that will land remains to be seen... [Mais... ]