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May 2021

North American softwood lumber prices reach stratospheric heights

The construction industry in North America is reeling from solid wood construction framing building material prices that continue to soar. It is a frustrating situation for sawmills as supply remains well below extremely hot, indeed unabated, demand... [Mais... ]

The German wood price index for packaging increased in double digits in April

The price index for sawn timber and wood-based materials for wooden packaging materials and pallets in Germany, which is now published monthly due to the strong market dynamics, increased again in double digits in April... [Mais... ]

Further rise in North American lumber prices

As April ended and the usual construction season starts to come on in Canada and the U.S., demand for softwood lumber remains very hot. While customers are reluctant to pay these way-beyond record-breaking prices... [Mais... ]

Apr 2021

North American lumber prices remain level

North American benchmark softwood lumber prices did indeed remain flat for the week ending March 19 as customers digested previous orders. However, prices of less-usual grades, sizes, and species did increase... [Mais... ]

Uneven lumber price developments in North America

It was an uneven lumber market for the week ending March 26 as print prices came in “all over the place”; some up, some down, and many flat... [Mais... ]

North American lumber prices continue to go grow

North American construction framing dimension softwood lumber prices are reaching ever higher, to the point that the most veteran industry players can’t believe it... [Mais... ]

Mar 2021

Lumber prices reached all-time high in February

The dual Canada/U.S. long weekend in mid-February did nothing to slow demand for lumber, with prices rising accordingly. To the amazement of all, the price of benchmark lumber commodity Western Spruce-Pine-Fir KD 2×4 #2&Btr surpassed the all-time high of US$966 mfbm in August 2020... [Mais... ]

N. American lumber prices at record levels

Last week, North America construction framing dimension softwood lumber prices surpassed a threshold that industry veterans never imagined, in their wildest dreams, they would ever see. The wholesaler sales prices on benchmark softwood lumber commodity Western Spruce-Pine-Fir KD 2×4 #2&Btr at US$1,012 mfbm... [Mais... ]

N. American softwood lumber prices continue to rise

North American construction framing dimension softwood lumber prices surpassed a threshold that industry veterans never imagined, in their wildest dreams, they would ever see... [Mais... ]

Lumber prices in N. America flat once again

Potentially signalling a plateau in lumber prices, at least for the time being, benchmark softwood lumber commodity items stayed flat again last week while plywood prices lost almost all the gains of the previous week... [Mais... ]

Feb 2021

N. American softwood lumber prices start to drop

After popping up by a sizeable degree in the first full work week of 2021, last week benchmark softwood lumber and panel prices corrected downward to more sustainable levels as demand continued strong but supply was able to serve a burst of orders... [Mais... ]

Rebound in N. American lumber prices

Industry players in softwood lumber products across North America questioned themselves, and each other, for understanding on what was happening with market conditions. Prices, meanwhile, climbed again... [Mais... ]

Rottneros raise price for SW BCTMP in South East Asia

Rottneros announces price hike of $75 per ton for all new softwood, bleached chemi-thermo mechanical pulp (SW BCTMP) orders for South East Asian destinations effective from February 10, 2021... [Mais... ]

N. American softwood lumber prices continue to rise

At a time of year when home builders and retailers — the end users for lumber products — are usually making their orders for expected construction and sales in the spring, softwood lumber prices... [Mais... ]

Softwood lumber prices continue rising

In the first week of February, sawmills were taking orders that would not even go on the production line until the beginning of March. This provides good indication that prices are not going to go down anytime soon... [Mais... ]

U.S. lumber prices up 180% since last spring

U.S. lumber prices have skyrocketed more than 180% since last spring, and this price spike has caused the price of an average new single-family home to increase by $24,386 since April 17, 2020... [Mais... ]

Jan 2021

Central/West Africa: Signs of orders recovering but prices easing

As businesses in importing countries adapt to working with the coronavirus risk trade has started to revive and some FOB price movements have been reported... [Mais... ]

SCA to increase kraftliner price

SCA will increase the price of white and brown kraftliner by Euro 50 per tonne. The new price is valid for deliveries from... [Mais... ]

Almost all softwood lumber prices flat in N. America

As mid-January 2021 came upon us, it seemed like supply and demand for softwood lumber and panel products reached an equilibrium. Almost all prices were flat, except the 2x8 sizes which dropped somewhat... [Mais... ]

Dec 2020

Continued strong demand sends North American lumber prices higher

U.S. housing starts were mostly flat in 2019. At this time last year, softwood lumber sales improved markedly and prices started to rise from quite low levels. As the beginning of 2020 came on, the data on U.S. home building was much improved over the previous year, sending demand for construction framing dimension softwood lumber higher... [Mais... ]

China-Europe container crisis escalates putting pressure on wood prices

The China-Europe container crisis has escalated over the past week, with container prices reaching new highs, while the container availability in China remains at record lows. China's exports recovered progressively from the COVID-19 pandemic, and after a pause caused by lockdown measures in Europe... [Mais... ]

U.S. lumber prices are on the rise again

After drifting lower from mid-September to mid-November, U.S. lumber prices are on the rise again. Prices peaked at an all-time high of roughly $950 per thousand board feet in September before gradually moving down to around $550 per thousand board feet last month... [Mais... ]

North American softwood lumber prices keep climbing as industry looks to 2021

At a time of year when housing construction across North America is usually slowing down to very limited activity, thus softwood lumber prices are usually quite soft, in the past couple of weeks there has been a resurgence of strong demand for solid wood products. .. [Mais... ]

Södra to raise price of NBSK to USD 960/tonne

Södra Cell is increasing the price of its northern bleached softwood kraft (NBSK) pulp in Europe to $960, effective 1 January 2021... [Mais... ]

Prices of wood products start to rise in parts of Asia

The pandemic-caused container scarcitiy as well as the resulting increase of freight costs start showing their impact on the wood markets in Asia. But also other current effects are noticed. From the Fordaq network there comes information about several wood products whose prices [Mais... ]