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Dec 2015

India: Teak auction prices firm

Auctions at forest depots in the South Dangs Division have been concluded. Around 17,000 cubic metres of teak and other hardwoods were offered for sale. Participants in the auction commented that the quality of the logs was good and most of the logs sold briskly. Only a few lots remained unsold as the buyers felt that the reserve prices for these lots were too high [Mais... ]

Nov 2015

Current prices of logs, sawnwood and plywood in India

The second round of auctions for the current season has been concluded at Forest Depart Depots in Surat and Vyara. Around 12,000 cubic metres of good quality domestically grown teak and some non-teak hardwoods was on offer. Despite prices for imported plantation teak easing auction prices were firm. Locally grown teak is always preferred by millers as the quality is higher, the sap is smaller, the form is good and the girths are larger all of which contribute to better recover rates in the mill [Mais... ]

Mar 2015

Prices of teak logs, sawnwood and plywood in India

The series of auctions in Central India continued and prices were firmer as buyers were active having refused to participate in the sales in Gujarat... [Mais... ]

India: Current prices of teak logs, sawnwood and plywood

The January price index for wood and wood products rose slightly part of the rise may be explained by the increase in Sarawak log prices. Similarly the price index for plywood rose reflecting the price increases achieved by plywood manufacturers [Mais... ]

Jan 2015

India: Current prices of teak logs, sawnwood and plywood

Latest prices in India for imported teak, domestic sawnwood and plywood... [Mais... ]

Dec 2014

India: Latest prices for teak logs, sawnwood and plywood

Latest prices in India for imported teak, domestic sawnwood and plywood... [Mais... ]

Mar 2014

India: Teak logs prices at latest auctions

India's total imports of wood and wood products under HS chapter 44 for the month of February 2014 were US$207.51 million and exports under the same chapter were US$23,04 million. Domestic demand continues to be firm. Current C & F prices for imported plantation teak, Indian ports per cubic metre are... [Mais... ]

Jan 2014

India: Latest auction prices of domestic teak

During the last auctions of 2013 at various log depots in the Dangs division approximately 12,000 cubic metres of logs were sold. The majority of these were freshly felled good quality logs. Average prices recorded at the most recent auction are as follows... [Mais... ]

Dec 2013

India: Teak logs prices at latest auctions

Auctions at the Tapti depots of Raj Pipla, Vyara etc. held from 20th to 25th October 2013 were successful and prices were firm. Approximately 6000 cu.m of logs were offered for sale at the recent auction [Mais... ]

Oct 2013

India: teak prices at most recent auctions

September log auctions were concluded by the 30 of September. Around 20,000 cubic metres of mainly teak and some hardwood logs were sold. This being the first auction in the post monsoon period the logs were fresh and of good quality such that the prices realised were high [Mais... ]

Sep 2013

India: latest prices for teak, sawnwood and plywood

Approximately 50,000 cubic metres of teak logs are sold annually through auctions in the State of Kerala. The state has a wide network of timber depots where auctions are regularly held... [Mais... ]

Aug 2013

Domestic prices for sawnwood in India

The domestic prices for air dried sawnwood remained unchanged over the past two weeks. [Mais... ]

Indian domestic teak prices climb at local auctions

The effects of higher landed costs of imported logs and wood products are now being felt in the domestic trade and on sale prices for domestic timber. Recent auctions prices paid by millers have increased and average prices per cubic foot ex-depot were as follows... [Mais... ]

Jul 2013

Hardwood auction prices in India

In recent auctions at government forest depots in Khiria, Timarni and Ashapur in Central India approximately 5,000 cubic metres of mainly teak and some of Haldu and Laurel were sold. Due to the rising costs of imported logs and because the domestic logs at these auctions were of good quality prices were higher than in previous auctions. Average prices per cubic foot ex-depots are shown below. [Mais... ]

Jun 2013

India: Domestic teak log prices ease during recent auction

In recently concluded auction sales at the government forest depots in Jabalpur, Narmada Nagar and Raipur divisions of Central India, approximately 8,000 cubic metres of mainly teak and small quantities of haldu and laurel were sold. Average prices for domestic teak logs per cubic foot, ex-depot, are shown below. [Mais... ]

India: current prices for teak, sawnwood and plywood

Supplies and shipments of imported plantation teak have been maintained and the volume of imports increased by 5% over the past month. Some minor price changes have been reported. [Mais... ]

May 2013

India: Prospects for an interest rate cut improve

The Wholesale Price Index, a widely watched measure of inflation, dropped to 5.96% in March, the lowest in the past forty months... [Mais... ]

India: Turn around in GDP growth forecast for 2013-14

The Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council has, in a recent statement, indicated that a turn-around in economy from a decade’s low growth is expected during fiscal 2013-14... [Mais... ]

Apr 2013

India: Reserve Bank of India releases latest monetary policy review

The Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) recently issued a press release on its March, mid-quarter economic review: [Mais... ]

India: Timber imports help Jammu and Kashmir conserve forests

In a bid to conserve state forest resources the Jammu and Kashmir government has adopted policies liberalising the procedures for timber imports and out of state purchases by manufacturers... [Mais... ]

Mar 2013

India: Call for budget to stimulate housing sector

Developments in India’s housing sector reflect the state of the economy... [Mais... ]

India: Budget offers support to home buyers

The budget for 2013-14, presented by the Finance Minister Mr.P.Chidambaram, has not increased import duties on wood in the rough, sawn timber, plywood and other panel products... [Mais... ]

Feb 2013

India: Budget expected to focus on stimulating industrial production

At the end of February the national budget for the coming fiscal year is expected to be submitted to parliament... [Mais... ]

Jan 2013

India: 2013 begins on a confident note

While the Indian economy could not avoid the impact of the weak global economy and also had its share of economic shocks, activity in wood based industry was rather resilient and demonstrated continued expansion, albeit more slowly than over the past few years... [Mais... ]