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Apr 2019

The teak from Myanmar, a precious wood always desired

Despite the European legislation and its Timber Regulation (EUTR) that is supposed to moralize commercial practices, the teak market remains strongly suspected of illegality. We are talking here about natural teak, that still comes from forests located in the most famous production basin in the world: Burma or Myanmar. [Mais... ]

Jun 2015

Guyana: Less used species receive more promotion

It is estimated that Guyana's forestry and wood processing sectors contribute between US$40 million and US$60 million to export earnings annually representing between 3 and 4% of GDP. Annual average timber and timber products production is estimated at 420,000 cubic metres, with plywood and furniture manufacturing being two key value added products [Mais... ]

Mar 2015

Myanmar: Teak prices at latest auctions

The following timber was sold by tender on 23 February 2015 and on 9 March 2015at the Yangon depot by the Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE). Average prices for logs are expressed in hoppus tons [Mais... ]

Feb 2015

Guyana: Higher wood export earnings in 2014

Guyana's forest sector recorded significant growth in 2014 with production of around 527,000 cu.m for the year, an increase of 21 % on 2013 [Mais... ]

Oct 2014

Myanmar: teak and hardwood prices at latest auctions

The Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE) offered for sale around 7,000 tons of teak logs and baulks of various hardwoods on 26 September... [Mais... ]

Jul 2014

Guyana improves engagement in the EU FLEGT VPA process

After a recent round of meetings Guyanese stakeholders are now more familiar with the VPA and Guyana's progress to date. Participation at these meetings included representatives from the industry, civil society, indigenous communities and government agencies and focussed on capacity building and the establishment of an effective communication system for the VPA process... [Mais... ]

Jun 2014

Guyana: Sawnwood exports higher, prices up

Sawnwood exports were active and attractive prices were earned on the export market. Undressed greenheart (Prime quality) commanded a price as high as US$1,338 per cubic metre FOB and was shipped to buyers in the Middle East and Oceania [Mais... ]

May 2014

Guyana: Top three timbers dominate export trade

During the period reviewed there were no shipments of greenheart logs but purpleheart logs were exported and at moderately attractive prices. Standard Sawmills quality purpleheart logs were priced at US$300 per cubic metre FOB. Mora logs were sold for a fair price to international buyers with mora Standard Sawmill quality logs fetching US$150 per cubic metre FOB. Fair Sawmill quality mora attracted an FOB price of US$140 while Small Sawmill quality mora logs were traded at US$130 per cubic metre FOB. [Mais... ]

Myanmar: Tender prices collapse on heels of log export ban

Average prices secured by the MTE during the latest open tender (28 April) are... [Mais... ]

Apr 2014

Guyana: Mora log prices ease

Only greenheart and mora logs were exported in the period reviewed, there was no export of purpleheart logs. Greenheart log FOB prices were fair on the market with Standard Sawmill Quality priced at an average of US$ 140 per cu.m, Fair Sawmill Quality US$130per cu.m and Small Sawmill Quality US$120 per cu.m... [Mais... ]

Mar 2014

Myanmar: teak and hardwood prices at latest auctions

The following items were sold by competitive bidding on 21and 24 February 2014 at the Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE) tender hall... [Mais... ]

Feb 2014

Myanmar: January teak open tender prices

Teak log sales during the Open Tender held on 24 January 2014 totalled 3,258 hoppus tons. Ex-site prices secured during the sale are shown below... [Mais... ]

Myanmar: Result of teak logs sales by open tender in February

Result of teak logs sales by open tender registered in Myanmar, Yangon 7 February 2014. These logs can be exported in log form... [Mais... ]

Nov 2013

Myanmar: October teak log tender results

The following shows the grade, quantity and prices for teak logs during the 25 and 28 October tender conducted by the Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE) [Mais... ]

Oct 2013

Guyana: sawnwood exports provide good earnings

There were no exports of the main commercial species in the period under review. However the wamara (Swartzia leiocalycina) logs made an impact on the export market attracting favourable prices as much as US$160 per cubic metre in Asian markets. Sawnwood exports continued and both Undressed (rough sawn) Dressed categories were traded... [Mais... ]

Guyana: sawnwood prices remain firm

Sawnwood export demand was positive and exports were made at favourable prices. Exports of Undressed greenheart made a solid contribution to total export earnings. In the select category top end FOB prices for Undressed greenheart fell from US$1,835 to US$1,166 per cubic metre [Mais... ]

Myanmar: One million ton of logs awaiting shipment

During the first six months of fiscal 2012-13 a total of 186,500 cu.m of teak logs and 690,250 cu.m of hardwood logs were shipped. Shipment of teak logs in the same period fell by about 25% and shipments of hardwood logs were down by about 10% compared to the same period last year. With only six months before the log export ban is expected to be introduced analysts say [Mais... ]