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Nov 2020

Vietnamese acacia farmers suffer sharp drop in woodchip price

Wood and wood products exported from Vietnam comprise wooden furniture, woodchips, wood-based panels and wood pellets. In recent years, Viet Nam has emerged as one of the world’s top woodchip exporters... [Mais... ]

Apr 2016

Dropping roundwood prices in Latvia

In the second half of 2015, the average roundwood purchase prices in Latvia have continued their downward trend. According to data compiled by Latvia’s Central Statistical Bureau (CSB), the sharpest fall in the softwood segment was recorded in purchase prices for spruce logs (diameter up to 14 cm), while in the hardwood segment– in the purchase prices of black alder logs (with a diameter over 24 cm) [Mais... ]

Sep 2015

Latvia: Roundwood prices show a decresing trend

According to the latest data of the Latvian Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) the average roundwood purchase prices in Latvia, showed a slight decrease in the 1st half of 2015 as compared to the 2nd half of 2014. Among coniferous tree sawlogs the greatest drop was recorded in purchase prices of pine sawlogs with diameter of 18 - 26 cm - 9% or on average 6 EUR/m3 without VAT, and in purchase prices of spruce sawlogs with diameter over 26 cm - 7%, which is 5 EUR/m3 without VAT [Mais... ]

Apr 2015

Latvia: Average roundwood purchase prices in 2014

During the second half of 2014 the average cost of birch veneer logs in Latvia was up 13 per cent compared to the first six months of the year. On average, Latvian category A veneer logs cost €86.56 per cubic metre during this period. [Mais... ]

Jan 2015

Latvia's forest industry export up 9.5%

From January to October 2014, Latvia's forest industry exports increased by 9.5% from the figures of the same period of 2013... [Mais... ]

May 2014

Germany supporting forest management in Peru

The German Development Bank (KFW) is going financially to contribute in the implementation of a sustainable forest management programme to improve competitiveness of the Peruvian forestry sector... [Mais... ]

Apr 2014

Latvia: Modest but stable growth of round timber purchasing prices

The average purchase prices of round timber in the 2nd half of 2013 as compared to the 1st half of 2013 show modest but stable increase. In the 2nd half of 2013 the average purchase prices of coniferous tree sawlogs have increased on average by 2% or by 1-3 €/m3 for spruce and pine sawlogs (as compared to the 1st half of 2013). Birch sawlog purchase prices remained at the previous level - 49-59 €/m3. Black alder and aspen sawlog sector witnessed a slight purchase price growth of up to 2%... [Mais... ]

Aug 2013

Peru: US the main market for veneer and plywood exports

Exports of veneer and plywood up to April 2013 were US$5.6 million FOB compared to the US$7.2 million in the same period in 2012 representing a 23% drop. The US is the main market for veneer and plywood exports and this market accounted for 62 % of all exports of these products. [Mais... ]

Peru: prices for sawnwood, plywood, veneer and panels

The much awaited forest concession Atlas which identifies forest cover loss due to various practices has been launched by the National Forest Supervisory and Wildlife Resources Service (OSINFOR). This Atlas provides a tool to assess and therefore plan prevention of misuse of the natural forest. [Mais... ]

Peru: potential for US$ 5 billion forest product exports

Peru's forest product exports have the potential to grow to as much as US$5 bil. in 10 years because of... [Mais... ]

Jul 2013

Peru: stable prices for sawnwood, plywood, veneer and panels

Expo Amazonica 2013 will be held from 10th to 31st August this year in the city of Iquitos and is expected to generate business worth around US$15 million for businesses in the Amazon region of the country. The purpose of the event is to promote private investment and business development in the Amazon region and wood products feature prominently in the expo. [Mais... ]

Peru: latest prices for sawnwood, plywood, veneer and panels

In the first week of June a wide range of stakeholders met to discuss the future of Loreto after reviewing the findings of a study "Sustainable Loreto to 2021" prepared by researcher Marc Dourojeanni. [Mais... ]

Jun 2013

Peru: prices for wood products

Gustavo Suarez de Freitas, a forestry expert has reported that most of the deforestation in the country is the result of a deliberate change in land use from forest to agriculture. [Mais... ]

Apr 2013

Peru loses 150,000 ha of forest a year

Jose Dance, general coordinator of the National Forest Inventory Project and Sustainable Forest Management of Peru to the FAO Climate Change office has estimated that annually about 150,000 hectares of forest are destroyed in Peru and that since 1990 a total of 12 million hectares has been deforested... [Mais... ]

Disney buys carbon credits in Peru

The Disney Company has reportedly purchased US$3.5 billion in carbon credits generated by the Alto Mayo Protected Forest (San Martin), home to 23 species of flora and fauna in danger of extinction... [Mais... ]

Mar 2013

Peru: Wood exports fell 3% in 2012, says Adex

Erik Fischer, chairman of the Wood and Wood Industry Committee of the exporters association, Adex, has reported that timber exports in 2012 reached US$ 164 million and that this represented a 3% decline on levels one year earlier... [Mais... ]

Peru: 2012 trade figures from ADEX

The Exporters Association of Peru (ADEX) has just released 2012 wood product export statistics... [Mais... ]

Feb 2013

Peru: Civil society calls for greater dynamism in forestry reform

A group of civil society organizations has petitioned the head of the Ministry of Agriculture (Minag), Milton Von Hesse, for a more dynamic reform of the forest and wildlife sectors to, as they say, "give it competitiveness and inclusion "... [Mais... ]

Peru commended for improved management of mahogany trade

The Deputy Minister for Foreign Trade, Carlos Posada, recently met with business representatives to discuss the implications for the forestry sector arising from the Forest Trade Promotion Agreement (CPA) concluded with the United States... [Mais... ]

Jan 2013

Peru: Concerns over forest concession management

Peru’s agriculture minister, Milton Von Hesse La Serna has reportedly expressed deep concern about the current forest concession system in the country... [Mais... ]

Dec 2011

Peru: First timber production cluster established

The first timber production cluster in the country will be located in the Ucayali region as there is a wide variety of woods available and because technological developments in the public and private timber sectors are well developed... [Mais... ]

Peru’s GDP growth may exceed forecasts

Official data from the national authority, SUNAT, reveals that the value of Peru’s exports in the first 10 months of the year rose by more than a third compared to levels in the same period in 2010... [Mais... ]

Nov 2011

China reduces timber imports from Peru

According to data from the Export Association of Peru (ADEX), wood product exports between January and August this year totalled US$108 million FOB compared to the US$114 million in the same period last year, a decline of around 5%... [Mais... ]

Peru: Mexico the major market for veneer and plywood

Between January and August this year exports of veneer and plywood were valued at US$12.8 million FOB, up 12%... [Mais... ]

Peru: State urged to invest more to prevent illegal logging

A representative of the Environment, Public Services and Indigenous Peoples Ombudsman office has urged the State to invest more to strengthen the management of the natural forests to ensure the sustainable use of resources, to combat illegal logging and prevent the loss of the country’s natural heritage... [Mais... ]