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May 2014

Germany: Softwood lumber exports up by 21%

Germany's softwood lumber exports surged 21% in the first two months of 2014. Exports to China and the US doubled... [Mais... ]

Apr 2014

Germany: Price increase for KVH, after pressure in March

Despite attractive construction prices in Germany, KVH hasn’t gained momentum in the first quarter. As different German manufacturers report, KVH has been priced under pressure after the new year. Particularly in March, after price increases were already announced for 1 April. In fact, the prices plummeted. In auction sales, it was sold clearly at prices under EUR 300/cbm... [Mais... ]

Jan 2013

Slight Recovery in Producer Prices for Lumber

In November, the producer price indices in lumber have made ​​a slight recovery. The indices for KVH and boards remain clearly below the previous year, some of them have also lost again from the previous month. Most clearly. the negative price trend affects KVH and chipboard panels, a sign that price pressure is strong due to oversupply. The significant increase in the price index for pellets and briquettes can not be explained by seasonal effects. Compared with the same month last year, prices in November this year are more than 6 percent higher. The price advantage of pellets over fuel oil is shrinking. [Mais... ]

Oct 2012

The KVH market has revived slightly

During summer, both price and demand addressed to the KVH have remained stable in Germany. This was unanimously acknowledged by several producers. However, in the respective holiday period, demand weakened slightly. Apart from that, the holiday season did not have any noticeable effects. Currently... [Mais... ]

Dec 2011

Germany: KVH Prices Pressurized Without Trouble

Non-integrated manufacturers of finger-jointed squares and beams (KVH) currently seems to have a price advantage. They can use special offers in raw squares of a few large sawmills and so reduce prices for KVH products. In the face of the high log prices, price query for November and December in KVH surprises with low results. Official price lists show still € 290/cbm (6er bars), but many manufacturers report lower prices. [Mais... ]

Germany: Sawing and Planing Industry Raises Sales

Germany's sawing, planing and impregnating plants were able to increase their sales by 1.71% in September compared to the same month of the previous year. Even a sales increase of 16.9% results from the accumulation over the first nine months. Main driving force of this increase were domestic sales with an increase of over 21%. [Mais... ]

Germany: Producer Prices for Wood Products in November

Softwood lumber prices fell also in November and have decreased by 3.2 points in the past three months. Finger-jointed squares and beams (KVH) showed only a slight decrease and so were representative for most products included in the index. Only in wood chips and pellets (+4,38%) index showed an increase in the last 3 months, with chips remaining at almost the same level as in the reference month last year. [Mais... ]

Oct 2011

Germany: Sawmills to Increase Domestic Sales

In July 2011, total and domestic sales of the German sawing, planing and impregnating plants were well above the comparable month last year. While sales outside the euro zone rose as well, they went into reverse in Europe (Euro zone). Compared to June 2011, the domestic sales increased, exports stagnated. [Mais... ]

Germany: Declining Sawmill Sales in August 2011

It is more likely that the holiday season and not yet the falling softwood lumber prices are responsible for the sales decline of the German sawing, planing and impregnating plants in August 2011 (compared to July). Sales abroad fell more than domestic sales. [Mais... ]

Sep 2011

Germany: Increase in Softwood Lumber Exports to Austria

For the large softwood sawmills in Germany June 2011 brought a slight recovery in exports of Spruce and Fir lumber. Compared to the same month last year, exports increased by 5% to 352,388 cubic meters. Rise in Austria exports (+ 67%) was particularly obvious. This is probably an effect of Austrian lumber processors who change their buying behavior due to the strong Swiss franc buying now German goods. [Mais... ]

Germany: Pine Lumber Exports to Recover in June

After several months of reduced sales, German Pine lumber exports have slightly recovered in June 2011. Compared to the same month last year, exports rose by 6% to 84,651 cubic meters. Half-yearly export figures were still in the red, showing a volume of 406,052 cubic meters (- 9%). Strong growth was recorded in exports to Belgium, Italy and Austria. China and Egypt received much less goods from Germany. [Mais... ]

Jun 2011

Germany: Large Softwood Sawmills Face Export Problems

At first glance, situation for the big German softwood sawmills is not bad: high demand for pallets and packaging lumber, passably good demand for construction assortments, price increases in recent weeks and a sometimes more than adequate log supply. At second glance, there are some dark clouds on the horizon, since recovery of the business is highly concentrated in German domestic sales. [Mais... ]

May 2011

Egypt Disappears From German Pine Lumber Statistics

In January, Egypt was still the kingpin among the recipients of German Pine lumber. In February, after the riots and civil commotions, one can't find the country among the most important destinations. From more than 20,000 m³ in January 2010, to still 10,000 m³ in the first month of this year, export volume dwindled to 0 m³. [Mais... ]

Germany: High Demand For KVH

Currently, the demand for finger-jointed squares and beams (KVH) in Germany is high. Sometimes demand exceeds supply. After price increases in February and March, prices were raised again by € 5 to 10/m³ in April an May. [Mais... ]

Germany: Planed Spruce Lumber Exports in March 2011

In March 2011, exports of planed Spruce lumber have increased considerably and leveled the weak deliveries in January and February 2011. For the first Quarter of 2011, exports showed an increase of 14% to 140,000 m³. The average prices over all destinations rose by 16% to € 233/m³ in the third month. [Mais... ]

German Spruce Lumber Exports in Q1 Negative

In the 1st Quarter of 2011, German sawmills exported less Spruce Lumber. In March, the statistics of the German Federal Statistical Office <b>Destatis</b>, indeed shows an increase of 2.8%, but this is still not enough to offset losses placed in January (-19%). Calculated average prices are clearly risen. [Mais... ]

Apr 2011

Germany: Pine Lumber Exports – Volume down, Prices up

In January, volume of German sawmills' pine lumber exports decreased by 7% compared to the same month last year. Simultaneously, export value increased by 12.5%. Therefore, calculated average prices show an increase of almost 21%. Outside the top ten, exports to India and Pakistan experienced a strong increase. [Mais... ]

Germany: Sawmill Sales in February

In February, sales of German sawing, planing and impregnating plants amounted to € 314 million, up 41.5% compared to reference month last year. Domestic sales rose disproportionately high by 47.4%, export sales just by 31.2%. [Mais... ]

Mar 2011

Germany: Construction Products Rise Up To Euro 20/m³

Carpenterings and timber constructors have to adjust to Euro 15 to 20 per m³ higher prices. By the 1st of March, small and medium-sized sawmills have already advised their lumber customers of price increases of Euro 5-10 per m³. Another price increase is expected in a few weeks bringing an additional markup of Euro 5-10 per m³. [Mais... ]

Feb 2011

Germany: KVH Manufacturers Enforce Higher Prices

Prices below € 270/m³ for finger-jointed squares and beams (KVH) with 6er profiles should be history. Even cheap deals from Austria are only few on the German KVH market. Because of the poor lumber market in Italy, German KVH manufacturers estimate that sawmills in southern Austria were producing more for Germany. [Mais... ]

Germany: Low Year End Sales for Sawmills

In December turnover of the German sawing, planing and impregnating plants was € 224.8 million, up 12% over the reference month last year. Due to Christmas holidays and supply shortfalls, production fell compared to the autumn months. Exports to countries in the Euro zone were even below turnover in December 2009 [Mais... ]

Jan 2011

Germany: Sawmill Sales Drop in October

In October, sales of the German sawmills dropped compared with September. Although, with € 352 million the fourth-highest value of 2010 was achieved. Compared with September, only sales outside the euro zone could increase. [Mais... ]

Softwood Lumber: Initial Price Increases in Main Products

Sawmills in Austria and Germany have come back from the Christmas break conditioned by lots of snow and lacking logs. Only a few, mostly small, sawmills has not yet restarted their production. Log supply has improved rapidly with the thaw. [Mais... ]