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May 2021

Germany: oak log price index development split

The German producer price indices for oak held their previous month's level in February 2021. On average, the index value corresponded to that of January - 115.3 points. A qualities decreased by 9.1% to 86.2 points, while B quality gained momentum (+ 3.3% to 117.3 points), especially in the 5 m length [Mais... ]

Germany: Beech log price index shows an upward trend

The German producer price indices for beech showed a slight upward trend in February 2021. After a sharp drop in January, the index value climbed by 2.1% to 101.7 points on average. B quality made up 1.9% compared to the previous month - score: 104.2 points. The index for 3 m lengths rose by 6.3% to [Mais... ]

Jan 2013

Sawers in Germany worried about the national Lumber market

In Listening these days to dialogues amongst hardwood sawmills one would hear the word "Uncertainty" quite often This uncertainty relates to the potency of the market with domestic sawn timber customers. Sawmills have gradually suffered more from the competition from East European and Asian suppliers. [Mais... ]

Oct 2012

The oak market until the fall of 2012

Although during the previous years the demand for oak logs exceeded the supply in a noticeable and almost significant way, within the course of this spring the surplus in demand has decreased noticeably in Germany. This was particularly clear during this year's value appointments for quality timber: starting from February the average revenue for every Fm decreased by... [Mais... ]

Nov 2011

Germany: Rising Oak Lumber Imports

Germany imports more Oak lumber again. After declining figures in the first half of 2011, deliveries rose in August. The eight month period of January to August now show an increase of 4%. Higher White Oak deliveries from the U.S. and from Canada set off the trend reversal. [Mais... ]

Germany: Beech Lumber Exports Rest in Loss Area

Germany's Beech lumber exports are strengthening their decline. In July 2011, exports were 4.5% in the red, in August exports fell by 19% compared to the reference month last year. Even in the eight-month-calculation figures show a decrease of 2%. Similar to Beech logs, demand from China dropped. [Mais... ]

Germany: Beech Lumber Exports Reduce Arrears

In September 2011, Germany's Beech lumber exports reduced their arrears. The increase in exports to Poland offset the continued decline in China deliveries. As before, demand in China is low. Chinese banks are clearly more reserved in financing of imports. The Chinese fear of a debt bubble has reached the wood industry. [Mais... ]

Oct 2011

Germany: Beech Lumber Exports Below Last Year

In July 2011, Germany's Beech lumber exports amounted to 31,700 cubic meters (-4,5% from July 2010). Consequently, Beech lumber exports for the period of January to July were in the red for the first time this year. Measured by export value, the seven-month figures are still positive. Particularly declines in supplies to the U.S., the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy were decisive for that development. [Mais... ]

Sep 2011

Germany: Beech Lumber Exports in June 2011

Thanks to high China sales, German Beech sawyers could keep their exports in June roughly stable. With more than 12,000 cubic meters, volumes exported to China in June were 22% over the previous year. On a value base, exports to the People's Republic rose by 27%. [Mais... ]

Germany: Export Prices For Oak Lumber to Rise

In June 2011, Oak lumber exports of German sawmills amounted to 9,268 cubic meters. This volume ranged at the level of the previous months, but remained well below the level of June 2010 (12,982 cubic meters). Exports to China have sligthly declined compared to the first five months, but remained at a high level. In total, exports from January to June were slightly below the previous year measured by amount, but 8% higher measured by value. [Mais... ]

Aug 2011

Germany: Downtrend in Beech Lumber Exports Stopped

In May 2011, Germany's Beech lumber exports ranged 15.3% over the reference month last year. For the period of January to May, there was an increase of 3.8%. Therewith downward trend of the las months has stopped. Deliveries to China and to the U.S. increased. [Mais... ]

Germany: Netherlands and Indonesia to Drive Oak Lumber Exports

In May 2011, Germany's Oak lumber exports to Indonesia are still on the increase, though not as strong as in March and April. Deliveries to the Netherlands rose significantly. High demand since March 2011 continued even in May 2011. The largest export market for Oak lumber, China, recorded declines. [Mais... ]

Jul 2011

Germany: Oak Lumber Exports - Return of Indonesia-deliveries

After months of declines, Germany's Oak lumber exports to the parquet industry of Indonesia recorded an upward trend again. Together with strong increase in shipments to China and to the Netherlands, Indonesia-deliveries arranged for a total increase of 15.6% in April and of almost 7% for the period of January to April. [Mais... ]

Germany: Turnround in Beech Lumber Exports

As already began to show in February and in March, the increase in Beech lumber exports to China is not strong enough to provide an export growth overall. In April 2011, Germany's Beech lumber exports totaled 15% lower versus the same month last year. For the period January to April, exports over all destinations add up to a small increase of 1%. [Mais... ]

Germany: Beech Lumber Import Falls

After a furious start to the year, Germany's beech lumber imports are on the decline. In April 2011, imports ranged 15% below the same month last year. For the period of January to April remains just a small volume increase of 2.5%. [Mais... ]

May 2011

Germany: Edged Beech Lumber Prices in Q2

In superior qualities prices for edged Beech lumber remain stable on the level slightly raised half a year ago. Anymore weak markets in Italy and Spain, leave no scope here. Because of the strong euro Beech lumber products of higher quality such as Superior or Cabinet have only small chances in overseas export. [Mais... ]

Germany: Oak Lumber Exports to China Rise Strongly

In February, Oak lumber exports of German sawmills were at the level of the previous year. For the first two months of 2011, exports show a decrease of 7%. However, exports to China rose sharply. Demand of the parquet industry in Indonesia is in a slump. [Mais... ]

Germany: Beech Lumber Exports in February 2011

Although, Beech lumber exports to China rose sharply in the first two months of 2011, total increase over all destinations amounted to only 1% in February and 4.4% in the first two months. Crisis countries such as Spain or the United Arab Emirates have almost halved their lumber demand compared to the previous year. Deliveries to Great Britain fell by a quarter. [Mais... ]

Apr 2011

Germany: Oak Lumber Imports – U.S. Figures Normalized

In January, import statistics shows again normal values for imports from the U.S. in January 2011. In December, statistical artifacts in White Oak deliveries had brought confusion. Overall, imports declined by volume (-6.8%), measured on import value, there was an increase of 6.8%. Arithmetic average price rose by 14.5%.<br> For the most important suppliers of oak lumber, the following export prices can be calculated from the January figures: U.S. € 623/m³ (€ 598/m³), France € 708/m³ (674) Croatia € 653/m³ (646) and Ukraine € 664/m³ (532). [Mais... ]

Germany: Chinese New Year Cuts Oak Lumber Exports

In January, Oak lumber exports of German sawmills have declined by almost 16% compared to the reference month of the previous year. In particular, China exports failed shortly than one year before. Reason is the Chinese New Year. The date in 2011 (3rd of February) affected the January figures significantly higher than in 2010. [Mais... ]

Asia Exports And Packaging Holds Beech Lumber Market

In the markets for unedged lumber assortments, some improvements took place. With the high softwood prices suppliers of Beech pallet boards and squared timber regained competitiveness. Even in sleepers and Beech frames dealings run not so bad. Buyers of higher quality Beech lumber are still rare. [Mais... ]

Germany: Oak Lumber With Price Increase Up To 10%

After all, 10% price increase on some Oak lumber assortments. In consideration of the price increases for oak logs, many sawyers had hoped for a little bit more. Higher prices can be achieved for medium and lower grades, especially for artificially dried furniture qualities that have become scarce. [Mais... ]

Mar 2011

German Beech lumber exports up 18.6% in 2010

In 2010 Beech lumber exports of German sawmills increased by 18.6% to 376,000 m³ and by 15.8% to Euro 122 million. Highest increases were registered in China (+50%), Malaysia (+207%) and France (+31%). [Mais... ]

Germany: Oak Lumber Imports in 2010

The statistics of German Oak lumber imports for December holds one surprise: No values for shipments from the United States. Usually, the North Americans lead the statistics with their White Oak supplies. Opposite to the figures of the German Federal Statistical Office Destatis, ​​the US export statistics display White Oak values ​​for Germany in December, that do not differ importantly from the values ​​in other months. [Mais... ]

Germany: Beech Lumber Exports in January

In January, Beech lumber exports of German sawmills amounted to 27,300 m³, up 8.5% compared to the previous year. Across all destinations average price was at € 333.3/m³, above the average in 2010 (324.3).<br> For the most important destinations, the following average prices for Beech lumber can be deduced from the <b>Destatis</b> figures in January: China € 272.9/m³ (ø I-XII/2010: € 251.5/m³), Poland € 261/m³ (263), United States € 336.4/m³ (355), India € 240.5/m³ ( 247.5) and France € 526.7/m³ (552). [Mais... ]