Frentes Para Móveis Pinus - Sequóia Vermelha, Abeto - Whitewood Polônia À Venda

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Tipo Frentes para Móveis
Material principal Madeira sólida
Tipo de madeira maciça Madeira Macia Européia
Espécies Pinus (Pinus sylvestris) - sequóia vermelha, Abeto (Picea abies) - Whitewood
Origem das espécies Polônia


Volume 10 - 100 m3 Única Entrega
Espessura 21 mm
Largura 122 cm
comprimento 1-4 m
Qualidade 1
Descrição Our company has existed for 20 years and specializes in the trade of ancient wood. We give new life to the tables steeped in history. Our products are mainly aimed at specialists in the sector, who need top quality, unrepeatable and unique materials.

Each of them has its own story which makes it exceptional in shape, structure and color.

We are a reliable and solid partner on the international market - continues to develop. The production processes and our mechanical infrastructure are subject to continuous modernization and controls, so that the product obtained is of first quality and meets the rigorous standards expected by our customers.

We guarantee the control of the raw material we use, free from impurities, sediments and insects. The raw material comes only from Poland.
table exposed to the sun, arranged for interlocking

WOOD TYPE spruce, white fir, pine
COLOR light brown, dark brown, gray

Length: 1 - 4 m

Width: 122 cm

Thickness: 15 - 30 mm

brushed surface,
cut edges,
prepared for interlocking (male-female),
prepared for interlocking (female-female),
dried 12% +/- 2%,
fixed widths

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Preço Sob demanda EUR por m3
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