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Tipo de madeira Madeira sólida
Tipo de madeira maciça Madeira maciça asiática
Espécie / material Bangkirai (Yellow Balau)
Tipo decking


Volume - - - m2 (m²) Única Entrega
Largura 400 mm
comprimento 400 mm
Espessura 15 mm
Descrição Bangkirai wooden outdoor tiles


construction made of bangkirai blades with the size: 15 x 400 x 400 mm, fastened on a plastic support with stainless steel bolts;
total panel thickness: 28 mm;
dimensions and packaging:
1 plate = 0.16 mp = about 2 kg
1 pack = 10 plates
1 pallet = 18 packages
The advantages of using exotic bangkirai wood are of a technical-practical and aesthetic nature:
the high density of the wood (specific weight: approx. 1000 kg / m3) and the high tannin content, give the product a long life
high dimensional stability, cracks or deformations rarely occur; high shock resistance
high resistance to temperature variations and attacks by insects or fungi
mounting is very easy, no need to arrange or prepare the mounting bracket in advance
In the same way, disassembly in order to move or modify the initial configuration is very easy
the construction of the boards allows mounting directly on the ground, stone, sand, turf, etc.
wood does not require protection after installation but if desired it can be varnished with a transparent exterior varnish, for wood, once a year
the small dimensions of the boards allow installation in smaller spaces: balconies, terraces, swimming pool perimeters, garden kiosks, footbridges, cliffs, etc.
the pleasant appearance given by the reddish-brown color of the wood creates an exotic note of warmth and robustness at the same time - Translated with google

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