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Tipo principal Pellets - Briquets - Carvão Vegetal
Tipo Briquets de Madeira
Usar Restaurant, Pizzeria, Food Preparation
Origem Croácia


Volume 25 - 250 Tonelada por mês
Tipo de espécie Madeira maciça européia
Espécies Faia
comprimento 345 mm
Certificação ENplus
We produce and sell PIZZA briquette.
It is made from pressed beech sawdust, without bark.
The product is solid and compact, with excellent characteristics.
The top quality of briquettes is proven by the ENplus A1 certificate (certificate number B-HR-001-01).
It is a top product for use in food preparation and fully complies with hygienic requirements, confirmed by testing according to ENplus and ÖNORM S 1030 standards.
It has octagonal shape, which is very practical when used in pizza ovens, as it does not roll like it is the case with a round briquette.
The briquette is packed in attractive 15 kg cardboard box, which makes it extra attractive to the market and very suitable for use in restaurants and pizzerias, as there is no additional packaging waste, and the storage space remains clean and tidy.
One palette contains 64 boxes.

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