Vender Briquets De Madeira Abeto , Pinus - Sequóia Vermelha, Abeto - Whitewood Perm (Пермь) Rússia

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Tipo principal Pellets - Briquets - Carvão Vegetal
Tipo Briquets de Madeira
Origem Rússia
Região Perm (Пермь)


Volume 20 - 100 Tonelada por mês
Tipo de espécie Madeira Macia Européia
Espécies Abeto (Abies alba), Pinus (Pinus sylvestris) - sequóia vermelha, Abeto (Picea abies) - Whitewood
Umidade KD
Diâmetro 60-70 mm
comprimento 200-220 mm
Densidade 1050-1200 kg / m3
Teor de cinzas 1 %
Teor de umidade 5-8 %
Descrição PINI KAY fuel briquettes

Environmentally friendly PINI KAY fuel briquettes are an ideal fuel for solid fuel boilers, home fireplaces, house stoves and bath stoves. They are also widely used for cooking on the grill, barbecue, charcoal grill, etc.
ECONOMICAL. Due to high calorific value of 1 m3, PINI KAY can replace 5 m3 of conventional firewood, 500 liters of diesel fuel, 700 liters of fuel oil or 480 cubic meters of gas.

SMOOTH AND LONG HEAT. PINI KAY keep their shape well and do not crumble when burning (the density of PINI KAY fuel briquettes is 3 times higher than that of firewood). They burn beautifully, with a high, even flame, with almost no smoke and large release of heat. The thermal conductivity (heat) of fuel briquettes is much greater than that of simple firewood and is equal to the thermal conductivity of coal. PINI KAY briquettes burn 2-3 hours, and smolder more than 6 hours. The main advantage of PINI KAY briquettes is their burning temperature, which is almost twice as high as that of firewood.

100% NATURAL PINI KAY fuel briquettes do not contain harmful impurities and do not emit any toxic substances (CO emission is 10 times lower than that of natural gas, 50 times lower than that of coal). Complete absence of foreign odors.

1% ASH CONTENT. There is no need to frequently shovel ash and coals. Boilers running on fuel briquettes have to be cleaned no more than once a year. The remaining ash (less than 1%) can be used as a valuable, environmentally friendly fertilizer.

SAFE when burning. PINI KAY do not spark or scatter burning coals and sparks. The coals that remain after burning can be used for cooking shish kebabs or grilling - if fat gets on them, they do not flare up, but continue to smolder or burn with an even low flame;

COMPACT AND AESTHETIC compared with other types of fuel. The high density of fuel briquettes allows them to be stored for almost unlimited time in conditions of atmospheric humidity.

Fuel briquettes are convenient and profitable for use in any stoves and boilers for solid fuel without additional modernization.
- direct stove heating of residential premises (a house with an area of 200 m2 per day will require about 30 kg of sawdust briquettes, provided that stoves and boilers with low draft are used);
- heating of warehouse, office and industrial premises, stores;
- using in autonomous boiler rooms of private houses and settlements;
- heating of railway rolling stock;
- in campfire, barbecue, charcoal grills.

Briquettes are made from sawdust of coniferous and deciduous species by mechanical worm pressing with heating of the briquette external surface by heating elements up to 300 degrees Celsius.
The octagon shape with a through hole provides better combustion, thanks to the freer passage of air through the center of the briquette.
Heating creates a thin and strong crust on the surface of the briquette, which protects the briquette from increasing humidity level and reducing quality during storage, unlike other types of fuel briquettes (eg., RUF, NESTRO).

Density: 1,050-1,200 Kg/m3
Humidity: 5-8 %
Ash content: < 1%
Calorific value: 4,950-5,300 Kcal/kg
Briquette weight: 830-900 g
Briquette length: 20-22 cm
Packaging: 10-12 briquettes wrapped with shrink film, in a 10 kg package. For wholesale: packages of 10 -12 PCs are laid on a Europalette of 100 PCs (1 ton), wrapped with stretch film and strapping tape.
Shipping is possible.

Preços e Condições

Preço Sob demanda
Incoterm FCA - Franco transportador País Rússia Região Perm (Пермь)
Prazo de entrega Em estoque
Vende para: Mundial


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