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Tipo Camas
Estilo Design de Móveis
Tipo de material predominante Madeira maciça européia
Material predominante Faia


Volume 3 - 1000 peças Única Entrega
Dimensões 100 сm; 70 cm; 84.5 cm
Certificação EAC
Padrão ou norma EAC
Descrição Novelty from the "Dreams Store" kids furniture factory: Transforming bed "Smart". The optimal solution from birth to school - it has a unique sleeping place up to 140 cm! Stylish, unusual design, lacquered beech bars - it is an exclusive on the market of the goods for children! The bed has three positions of the sleeping bottom, also there is the possibility of installing a pendulum.
This bed model is perfectly complemented by a spacious drawer for bed linen or toys.
A pendulum has been developed for the convenience of parents and a sweet sleep of the baby. The pendulum of our factory swings easily and smoothly with just a light movement of the hand.
The baldachin holder has a non-standard shape and a laconic design. It can be used for its intended purpose to hold a baldachin, or you can hang a toy mobile on it.
The price depends on the ruble exchange rate. The basic price for only the crib is 12350 rubles, for the crib with all the adds (baldachin, baldachin holder, pendulum, mattresses, mattress toppers, drawers) - is 22300 rubles

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