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Tipo Camas
Estilo Design de Móveis
Tipo de material predominante Madeira maciça européia
Material predominante Faia


Volume 1 - 10 peças por mês
Descrição Choosing the perfect bed for your bedroom has never been easier. Regardless of the style approached, conservative, modern or contemporary, in the SiPro ranges you find what you are looking for. The blue is the color that calms us and induces a general state of well-being. The bed board is the central element and the one that steals all the attention from the room. The fine material and precisely applied details make up a perfect piece of furniture for refined tastes, but also for those who want comfort from such an arrangement. Red dares to combine fine material and board details with the comfort and the perfect dimensions of an of sleep. Choosing an impact bed is a very important step in the perfect bedroom creation process. Being almost the first thing you see when you step into the room, this bed becomes an easy and natural choice for fans of details that never get demoted and have an impressive lifespan.

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