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Tipo de madeira maciça Madeira maciça asiática
Espécies Plastic
Origem China
Tipo Flower Pot


Volume 100 - 50000 ft3 Única Entrega
Descrição This item is of high strength, thus suitable for medium- and large-size plants in different occasions, like hotels, restaurants etc. Its high gloss surface makes it looks exquisite. Built-in self-watering system can water plants automatically when needed. It is composed of two layers, one as planting field, the other for water storage. The system not only offers sufficient water for plants, but also simulates natural underground water source which makes plants likely grow in nature.

Product Features:

1) High strength

2) Light weight, eco-friendly

3) Durable, anti-ageing

4) Smart self-watering function

5) Easy installation, easy maintenance

Preços e Condições

Preço 2.47-67.87 USD
Vende para: Mundial


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