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Tipo de madeira Madeira sólida
Tipo de madeira maciça Madeira Africana
Espécie / material Teka
Tipo Decks (E2E)


Volume 18 m3 por mês
Largura 100+ mm
comprimento 100 mm
Espessura 25 mm
Descrição I sell Decking floor for smooth or non-slip teak flooring with or without clip milling

Thickness mm 10
Length com mm 100
Length 2 meters forward
Price: 38 euros per square meter

Thickness mm 20
Length com mm 100
Length 2 meters forward
Price: 46 euros per square meter

Thickness mm 25
Length com mm 100
Length 2 meters forward
Price: 70euro per square meter

If you need any other formats you ask

AVAILABLE IN READY DELIVERY Sell lumber of TEAK TECTONA GRANDIS in logs or sawn on boards of any thickness and length up to 6 meters
We can also supply planed planed profiled profile Deckig planed female male, rhombus, sun shrinkage or other
Price logs euro 990al cubic meter
Price of Euro 1900 per cubic meter
Good quality first-class merchandise
MINIMUM PURCHASE 18 cubic meters around
For lower orders contact

Teak is one of the most used woods for outdoor use. Length, stability and aesthetics make it one of the best choices for a refined exterior environment. It has a golden color and a distinctive scent, it is a choice particularly suited to high-quality environments.

Botanical name: Tectona Grandis

Color from pale yellow to bronze.
Brunette tuning.
Average fine texture.
Straight Fiber.
Low withdrawal.
Average nervousness.
High resistance.

Hardness: Janka Kg / cm2 650
The Teak has a color that varies from light yellow to bronze. It contains a natural oily resin that makes it extremely durable. The constant dimensional stability, waterproofness and beauty make the Teak particularly sought after on the market, usable not only for floors but also for facade cladding and generally for nautical applications

Good quality first-class merchandise

Purchase minimum 200 square meters

Preços e Condições

Preço 990 EUR por m3
Vende para: Mundial


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