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Tipo de categoria Secagem, vaporização e impregnação de madeira maciça
Categoria Estufa Secadora


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Data de fabricação 2021
Volume 1
The BASCHILD TDK product line includes conventional wood drying ovens.

TDK kilns dry all types of wood, from a thickness of 5 mm up to beams, from fresh wood (or aired material) up to 8% humidity.

The capacity of each kiln ranges from 30 m3 to 400 m3 net per cycle.

All dryers are custom designed according to specific needs and the wood to be treated.

The timber is loaded from the front by a forklift.

Alternatively, a tunnel loading dryer can be requested.

BASCHILD ZOOM software makes the drying process completely automatic.

The dryers are installed outdoors by specialized technicians, in all weather conditions.

Technical features
aluminum alloy structure, machined by numerical control machines (CNC) and standardized to withstand a snow load exceeding 250 kg / m2 and winds exceeding 150 km / h;
internal walls in aluminum 15/10 mm thick, assembled on the installation site and siliconed together;
internal insulation in rock wool with a minimum thickness of 100 mm;
external aluminum coating with special antioxidant treatment;
stainless steel screws and bolts;
heat exchangers in stainless steel and extruded aluminum;
distribution system in stainless steel with the standardized thickness of 25/10 mm;
special temperature uniformity system;
the exchangers, welded in a robotic cell and tested at 50 bar, can be fed with water, steam or diathermic oil;
in case of gas supply, air-to-air radiant beams in stainless steel;
reversible ventilation, with high pressure and flow rate stainless steel and aluminum fans;
air recirculation system with shockproof proportional opening;
high pressure humidification system to spray water. - Translated with google

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