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Tipo de madeira maciça Madeira Macia Européia
Espécies Abeto (Picea abies) - Whitewood
Tipo Jogos Infantis - Balanços


Volume 1 peça Única Entrega
Descrição Dear Sir or Madam,

We are a manufacturer of children's playgrounds, city, park and fitness equipment.

Main features of our products

Our products are characterized by modern design and ergonomic designed details, high-level finishing and enjoyable use out.
Especially safety, materials selection and shape properties considered. Our logistical support offers concept design, design, instructions, delivery and installation. Our playgrounds are produced and certified according to the standards for children's playgrounds HRN EN *****.

Application of ISO standards in the business

To permanently improve the business quality system and to be environmentally friendly company, we are certified since 2007 according to the requirements of international standards EN ISO ***** and EN ISO *****.
We have decided to continue to improve our business, safety and in 2013. we received a certificate of safety management and health protection (of employees and other interested parties) EN ISO *****.

High quality, reliability and safety of the products

The quality, reliability and safety of our products is guaranteed by the continuity of manufacture and business recognizable, according to international standard EN ISO ***** (EN ISO *****).

Environmental protection and pollution prevention
The innovative development of new Stribor products is based on environmental protection and pollution prevention, according to international standard EN ISO*****.

Safety and health
Our production and business profile has been based on a health care approach and security protection, with the goal of risk managementfor the life and limb of employees and other interested parties, as well as
the constant safety requirement of all processes - according to international standards EN ISO *****.

Thanks to excellent business results in the last three years, tour company has the strict financial and analytical criteria of the European area meets characteristic methodology and the law acquired the title of Certificate Holder of the Golden Credit of Excellence.

We are among the 0.04% of the best companies in the world Republic of Croatia, which also has this internationally recognized certificate confirmed the credit of excellence, which is also a reference that we are a safe, recognized and reliable business partner. It is our pleasure to constantly improve our business for the pleasure of our clients.

Products from our production program

• Children's playgrounds
• city equipment
• Rubber fiber mats for sports and children's playgrounds
• Fitness and trim equipment
• furniture for public spaces

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