Vender Lixadeira Para Trabalhar Arestas, Rebarbas E Perfis DESTEFANI "Mvs 2500" Novo Itália

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Tipo de categoria Lixadeira - Polisher
Categoria Lixadeira para trabalhar arestas, rebarbas e perfis
Modelo "Mvs 2500"


Condição do item Novo
Data de fabricação 2021
Volume 1
Descrição Realized for sanding and buffing of frames, rods, ledges and fitting parts of veneer, solid, raw or varnished wood etc (processing of 3 sides for each pass).
STRUCTURE: machine bed with appropriate dimension that permit high stability and resistance during the processing work. The support plane that permit entertain the sanding groups is worked to assure the support in square of the groups. On the inferior area the machine bed is supplied of adjustment screws for being better suitable at the paved area. Basement made by rolled bars and sheets. Modules carrying the feeding belts made rolled steel sheets.
TRANSPORT: multiple rubber feeding belts (belt size 1.720 x 120 mm) with steel core and central driving guide for highspeed feeding, drive motor equipped with electronically variable speed by inverter from 5 to 40 m/min. Transmission system provided with worm screw reducers.
TOP PRESSURE ROLLERS with rubber wheels each mounted on a ball bearing (n°3 rubber rollers for each rubber feeding belts).
SIDE FENCES with angular joints, giving a single lateral adjustment through all the length of machine. The fences are equipped with rubber wheels.
CONTROL PANEL: separate desk cabinet connected by multipole connectors. The control panel contains the operating controls of all the working units by switch and an emergency switch. The automation of all the working units is handled by an Electronic Control type 7” Touch screen.
EEC standards: the machine is conforming to EEC standards, being equipped with safety protection systems and guards.

Tension: 400V - 3Ph - 50 Hz
Compressed air: 6/8 bar
Feeding speed: electronic variable by inverter from 5 to 40 m/min.
Working height: 900 mm (+/- 30mm)
Line service side: 3 side (top, left, right)
Machine color: Ral 7035 (light grey)

Workpieces dimensions (with manual loading and unloading)
Width: from 30 to 300 mm
Thickness: from 10 to 100 mm
Length: from 800 to 3.000 mm

Processing: brushing (rough and painted materials)

Total Installed power: 9 Kw
Suction outlet diameter: 4, diameter 100 mm
Suction air consumption (at suction speed 30 mt/sec): 3.388 m3/h
Total working units: 4
Wheel sanding unit SB: 4
Feeding belts: 3
Hollow space for working units: 2

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