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Tipo de madeira maciça Madeira maciça européia
Espécies Carvalho
Característica principal CE
Origem Malásia
Tipo Tábuas largas de madeira para assoalho (one stripe wide)
Tipo de borda Clique
Material principal Madeira sólida


Volume 1 - 10000 m2 (m²) por mês Converter
Largura 192 mm Converter
comprimento 1820;2150 mm Converter
Espessura 13.5 mm  Converter
Espessura da camada de desgaste (camada superior) 3 mm
Qualidade Classic/brushed/no bevelling
Terminar OSMO Hardwaxoil transparent
Certificação FSC
1. Finishing by renowned OSMO Hardwaxoil
2. The middle layer is made from HEVEA (Rubberwood))
3. High quality
4. Competitive prices
5. The newest clip technology - 5G lock
6. Wide range of colours
7. Special grading method
8. Excellent for underfloor heating system

Benefits of OSMO coating system based on oil and wax
• protects wood from inside and outside
• the oil penetrates the wood, and the wax forms a protective wax surface with open pores
• the wood can breathe
• it can also be renovated locally
• non-cracking, non-flaking, resistant to liquids, easy to maintain

Benefits of the middle layer made from HEVEA
• HEVEA wood is hard and most resistant to static strength loads from furniture and other heavy objects.
• Due to its homogeneous structure, HEVEA wood is the most stable in all aspects, meaning that the floor is very stable and less vulnerable to changes in temperature and humidity in the interiors. That's why the EKOWOOD floor is more suitable for the floor water-heating system.
Benefits of the newest 5G lock system
• Easy installation that doesn't need almost any force.
• It is extremely fast, reliable and clean laying.
• Tongue system EKOLOG G5 is made from a special plastic that has been tested, and negative influences were found that could cause damage to the connection due to climate change.

We supply a complete system of sophisticated accessories for proper installation, such as skirting, underlayers, glues, etc.

EKOWOOD engineered floors are divided into three collections:
1. Quiet Wood Collection
2. Exotic Collection
3. Fine Season Collection.
EKOWOOD floors are divided into the Quiet Wood Collection, the Exotic Wood Collection, and the Fine Season Collection.
The Calm Wood Collection is based on calm, colour-balanced hardwood flooring that adds casual elegance to any room. In this collection, you will find oak in several optical finishes, like transparent and pigmented colours, including unfinished oak floors that can be customized to suit your unique colour taste. In addition to oak, this collection also includes ash, and American walnut. This collection fully connects the interior with nature.
The exotic Wood selection features beautiful woods from tropical forests that add a warm, inviting charm to your home. Here you will find floors in Doussie, Teak, and Merbau. This collection is recommended for customers demanding high-value flooring and unique optic.
The Fine Season collection offers an unpredictable touch and lets you bring playfulness into your living space. The final optic comprises various combinations of interwoven strips of Canadian maple, Merbau, Cherry, Kempas, American Walnut, Ash or Cherry. It is a collection of a distinctive modern interior.

Strong partnership
The company AU-MEX is the leading distributor of OSMO COLOR oils in Europe. In 2014 AU-MEX and Ekowood signed a joint-venture cooperation. This connection allowed us to develop the best surface protection thanks to OSMO products. A unique application of OSMO oil finishes allowed us to create exclusive collections and unique patented pigmented colours matching all customer's requests.

For more information, please get in touch with us.

Preços e Condições

Preço Sob demanda EUR por m2 (m²) Converter
Incoterm EXW - ex-works (vendedor), os bens estão no lugar do vendedor País República Checa Região Prague
Prazo de entrega Disponível por encomenda em menos de 30 dias
Vende para: Mundial


Assinante Platinium
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