Vender Painel De Madeira Maciça Caucho 12; 15; 18; 20; 22; 25; 26; 30; 33; 38; 40 mm Vietnã

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Painéis de madeira maciça Painel de madeira maciça
Tipo de madeira maciça Madeira maciça asiática
Espécies Caucho
Origem Vietnã


Volume 20 m3 Única Entrega
Junta Lámina descontínua (encaixada/juntada)
Espessura 12; 15; 18; 20; 22; 25; 26; 30; 33; 38; 40 mm
Largura 300; 500; 650; 710; 810; 1100; 1220 mm
comprimento 2440; 3100; 3600; 3650; 4500; 5100 mm
Qualidade AB; AC; BC
Descrição 1. Product description
I.General information:
The rubber tree is also known as the Pará rubber tree, scientifically named Hevea brasiliensis, is native to the Amazon region and grows around the world. However, rubber trees are mostly grown in Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, rubber trees are planted into industrial forests with an area of hundreds of thousands of hectares and concentrated mainly in Southern Vietnam, accounting for 71% of the country’s rubber plantation area. Rubber trees can be harvested for latex from the 5th year onwards.

II. Characteristics.
- Moisture: 10 (+/-2%)
- Lamellas/Staves: 35 - 80 mm.
- Length & Width tolerance: 0/+3mm
- Thickness tolerance: +/- 0.2 mm
- Glue: D4 - Sanding: both sides sanded 180-240 grit
Standard size(mm):
Thickness: 12/15/18/24/26/30/38/40
Width: 600/650/810/1100/1220
Length: 1883/2200/2440/3100/4500/5000
* Scantling wood block sizes:
Thickness x Width (mm): 60x60, 70x70, 80x80
Length (mm): 800-5900
Other sizes can be discussed as customer request
- gyms
- furniture
- decoration
- music hall
- workshop building, wood stairs parts, wood scantling.
- warehouses, door, and window parts
- arched beams (mostly used).

2. Packing and delivery:
Quantity: 21 - 22 cbm/20ft
Packing: as normal export standard
Trade terms: FOB, CIF
Payment terms: by TT or at sight irrevocable L/C
Time of starting shipment: 25 - 35 days after receiving L/C or TT
Min Order: 1 container x 20ft (21 - 22 cbm)
Supplying capacity: 200 x 40ft containers

3. Company information:
SSR is one of the leading Vietnam company specializes in wood finger joint board/panel; countertop; stair tread, flooring.we also supply indoor and outdoor furniture; finished door, wardrobe, tabletop, chair, chopping board.
Species: rubber, acacia, sapelli, oak, pine, ash, etc...
Currently, SSR has been building a network of a distributor in 12 countries worldwide and is constantly expanding.

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