Vender Serra Horizontal Para Corte De Troncos Trak-Met TTP-600 PREMIUM HK Novo Polônia

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Tipo de categoria Máquinas de conversão e serragem de troncos
Categoria Serra horizontal para corte de troncos
Marca Trak-Met


Condição do item Novo
Data de fabricação 2019
Volume 1 - 300
Peso 2350-2800
Descrição AVAILABLE MODELS - MOBILE AND STATIONARY The machine is adapted to machining log wood, the purpose of the machine mainly for sawmills rubbing the logs up to 20mp / 8h, as well as companies where the very good accuracy and quality of the obtained raw material after rubbing, eg oak, hornbeam counts , beech. Hydraulics installed on a massive trackbed made of closed profile 200mm x 120mm x 6mm ensures very high stability of the sawmill during work, facilitating the maneuvering process of large logs up to 5 tons. Guide wheels with a diameter of 600 mm with a multi-groove type PK (no beads and access of resin, sawdust between treadmills and belt) ensure maximum long life of the saw blade, additionally allow the use of a bimetal saw blade with a width of 45 mm and a thickness of 1.27 mm or 1.40 mm, the use of such a blade ensures stable work, significantly limits undulations on the wood as well as allows for a precise wiping of up to 0.2 mm. The time between consecutive sharpening is longer by comparing the classic saw blade (about 1 hour) and is on average for a bimetal saw about 3 hours, it significantly improves the quality of cut in particular hard wood species. Adaptation to the TTP-600 Premium saw blade with a stellite blade (special alloy based on cobalt and chrome) increases the productivity of the saw to 30% compared to the classic saw blades (confirmed by many tests at work), the cut is only 2.20 mm, tooth pitch 25 mm allows for much higher feeds during sawing. EQUIPMENT / TECHNICAL DATA weight - 2350 kg main engine power - 11.0 KW (15-18.5 KW gasoline engine 24 HP in option) power demand - 16.5 KW (with full standard option) supply voltage - 380V, 50Hz feed vertical - electric (gearmotor 0,55 KW) longitudinal feed of the cutting head - liquid inverter 0-40 mb / min feed roller electric wheel - motoreducer 0.12 KW guide wheels 600 mm control panel stationary length of the track bed standard 6m (sawing 4.8 m) electro water valve ISP-10 saw cutting gauge cutting head clearance - 340/950 mm (optionally 1200 mm) saw blade width - 35-45 mm saw blade length - recommended bimetal 4800 x 40-45 x 1.27-1.40 kerf thickness -1,5-2,2 full hydraulic / clamp x 1, angular displacement x 5, log loading x 1, leveling with drive drive logs front-rear x 1, leveling without drive x 1 rotary x 1 tracker traku made of section closed go 200mm x 120mm x 6mm OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT FOR ADDITIONAL extension of the substructure for any length board scraper, bale + feed drive double-sided electric sawdust container feeder loading ramp logs automatic debarker additional hydraulic tools OVERALL DIMENSIONS (basic model) length - 6000 mm width -2250 mm height - 2400 mm TECHNICAL DATA OF THE MULTIPLE HARVEST (basic model) diameter of the processed log - 900 mm (optional 1200 mm) weight of the log - up to 5-ton cutting length in standard -6800 mm EFFICIENCY The machine's performance depends on the thickness of the wiped code and the required thickness of timber and is an average of 2 m3 / hour depending on the blade used. Classic blade 4800 x 35 x 1.1 approx. 13 m Bi-metal saw blade 4800 x 40-45 x 1.27-1.40 approx. 17 m Blade with stellit blade 4800 x 40-45 x 1.1 graduation 25 mm approx. 20 m - Translated with google

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Preço 15000-25000 EUR
Vende para: Mundial


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