Vender Serra Horizontal Para Corte De Troncos Trak-Met TTS-1200 BIG Novo Polônia

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Tipo de categoria Máquinas de conversão e serragem de troncos
Categoria Serra horizontal para corte de troncos
Marca Trak-Met
Modelo TTS-1200 BIG


Condição do item Novo
Data de fabricação 2019
Volume 1 - 250
Descrição TTS-1200/60 STANDARD It is a modern machine with very high efficiency and cutting accuracy, and one of its most important advantages is the use of guide wheels with a diameter of 800 mm which is a carrier of 60 mm wide cutting band, this type of tape does not require rolling, and the process of cutting the saw blade is based on the classic sharpening equipment. Such a solution, combined with an innovative machine construction, allows to obtain sawing efficiency and quality similar to wide-belt saws working with a 100mm wide cutting band, however operating costs such as: electricity consumption and cutter belt price are incomparably lower. In the band sawmill, many innovative solutions have been used to significantly increase the efficiency and accuracy of cutting, among others: - guide wheels 800 mm with a belt type PK ensuring maximum long life of the saw blade. - cutting blade with a width of 60 mm with a stellite blade 2 mm cut and a tooth pitch of 25 mm increasing the sawing speed by 30%, working time between the change of the saw to 3 hours. - two-sided guide skids cooled with an emulsion to reduce friction during sawing which directly affects lower energy consumption, higher cutting speed and noise reduction - longitudinal drive of the cutting head double-sided chain - precise and quick chain positioning of the cutting head 30mm / 1s - efficient hydraulics expanded to facilitate free maneuvering process with large logs up to 5 tons with the possibility of moving hydraulic tools - track bed frame made of massive double-sided closed profiles 200mm x 120mm x 6mm TECHNICAL DATA weight - 3900kg main engine power - 22 KW (18.5 -30 KW, engine diesel 33-40 HP in option) power demand - 26-37 KW (with full option) supply voltage - 380V, 50h vertical feed up-down chain 30mm / 1s longitudinal feed of the cutting head double-sided chain - liquid inverter 0-40 mb. min. sliding guide skids - electric guide wheels, 800 mm saw blade length, 6 m standard standard (4.8 m sawing) electric control stationary stationary electro cooling emulsion valve ISP-10 cutting saw, cutting head clearance - 420/1150 mm kerf thickness -1 , 5-2,2 hydraulics: clamp x 1, angular resistances x 5, log loading 3 m width x 1, leveling with front-to-back feed drive x 1, leveling without drive x 1, chain rotary x 1 track bed frame made from the closed section 200mm x 120mm x 6mm construction of the double-sided cutterhead cutting head Average performance saw blade with stellit blade - 5600x 60x 1,1 graduation 25 mm (capacity 25-32 m3 / 10h) saw blade - 5600x 60 x 1.1 graduation 22mm (performance 20-24 m3 / 10h) OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT FOR ADDITION: extension of the substructure length unlimited plank scraper, electric logs sawdust extra hydra tools street automatic debarker log loading ramps SLIM DIMENSIONS length - 6000 mm width -2900 mm height - 3050 mm TECHNICAL DATA OF MILLED CONSTRUCTION diameter of the processed log - 1150mm diameter of the processed log on turnover - 1300 allowable weight of the processed log - up to 5 tons length of cutting as standard - 4800 mm (optional any length) The Trak-Met company from Biskupiec is currently the first and only producer in the world serially producing since 2012 a belt saw in which cutting process based on cutting band with a width of 60 mm standard or with stellit blade and tooth pitch has been used 25 mm, technologically obtaining the quality and efficiency of sawing with a broad band saw, keeping the lowest exploitation factor to the machine's performance. - Translated with google

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