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Tipo de categoria Máquinas de serrar madeira e painel
Categoria Serras múltiplas - linha reta
Modelo MRS-175


Condição do item Novo
Data de fabricação 2021
Volume 1
Descrição Multiple Rip Saw MRS-175

Ruggedly Constructed Throughout for Maximum Rigidity and Stability

General Features:
- 150HP extra powerful drive thickness of cut up to 175 mm.
- Specially designed auxiliary powered outfeed roller assures maximum smoothness of workpiece outfeed especially when working on extra thick, heavy and moist wood.
- MRS-175 has a massive cast iron base, composing the majority of total machine weight of 3000 kg.This design provides incredible absorption characteristics under deep cutting,especially while performing thick lumber ripping with a multi-blade set up.
- Precision chain and rails (dip chain) system facilitates accurate cutting operations.

Construction Features:
Mist Cooling Device For Saw Blades
The machine is equipped with a mist cooling device, providing cooling and cleaning for saw blades during cutting. This increases smoothness during cutting and extends service life of saw blades.

Powered Saw Arbor Elevation
The saw arbor elevation is driven by a motor. An independent switch mounted at the outfeed end allows the operator to conveniently check the saw arbor elevating position to avoid saw blades cutting on feed chain pads.

Laser Device (Optional)
Provides convenient positioning of cut, which reduces material waste to a minimum.

Convenient Chain Block Replacement (Optional)
Specially designed chain block construction provides convenient replacement of chain block when worn out.

Auxiliary Powered Outfeed Roller
The additional powered outfeed roller, equipped at the outfeed end, ensures smooth workpiece outfeed even for thick, heavy and moist wood.

Digitally-Controlled Lubricator for Feed Chain
The central lubrication system ensures a permanent oil film between the chain and the guide rails. It varies the oil volume according to the cutting requirements of various kinds of wood. If there is insufficient oil in the oil tank, the warning lamp lights up, and the feed chain stops running automatically. This fully ensures the service life of the feed chain and precision rails.

Electrical Amperage Display
- An overload protection of the saw motor. If the load of the saw motor exceeds the rated amperes, the link chain slows down automatically. This prevents the stock push from damaging the saw arbor or damaging the saw blade. Prolongs the life of saw blade by up to 10-20%.
- The variable feeding speed is inverter controlled with frequency motor and easily adjusted by the control panel.

Specifications (Model: MRS-175)
Max. cutting thickness: 175mm
Max. cutting width: 350mm
Distance of fixed inside blade to column: 380mm
Min. working length: 700mm
Max. saw blade diameter: 450mm (18.7")
Min. saw blade diameter: 355mm (14")
Saw blade bore: 70mm
Saw arbor diameter: 55mm (with slip) or 70mm (without slip)
Saw arbor speed: 2500RPM
Saw arbor motor: 125HP or 150HP
Saw arbor elevation motor: 1/2HP
Feed motor: 3HP (5HP option)
Variable feed speed (variable speed): 2.5-24m/min
Powered raise and lower of roller group: 1/2HP
Dust hood dia.: 200mm
Table height (Pass line): 745mm
Table area (L x W): 1840x790mm
Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 2425x2300x1600mm
Net weight: 3000kg

Available Models
MRS-175 125HP Motor
MRS-175 150HP Motor

CE Model

Available Options:
Laser Unit 10mw
Replaceable Chain Block and Pads
Overload Protection System
3m Infeed Table (Free Roller)
Saw Blade Mist Cooling System

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