Vender Serras Duplas E Multi Lâminas LIGNUMA MN-315 Usada 2008 Polônia

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Tipo de categoria Máquinas de serrar madeira e painel
Categoria Serras duplas e multi lâminas
Modelo MN-315


Condição do item Usada
Data de fabricação 2008
Volume 1 - 1
Descrição - in stock - after the technical review - year 2008 - CE Certificate TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: - maximum cutting width 450 mm - minimum cutting width 80 mm - maximum width of the element 690 mm - cutting height 90 mm - disc diameter max 350 mm - electric wheel spacing (independent extension) - main engines 2 x 5.2 kW - feed speed adjustable on the gearmotor - belt feeder 3000 mm - feeder width 370 mm - material pressure - lower toothed roller - row of latches Machine dimensions: - length 400 cm - width 180 cm - height 160 cm - weight ~ 1000 kg Two-disk edger for boards with driving motors guided by 2 lasers is used for cutting double-sided boards with circular saws. Cutting optimization is achieved by laser cutting of cutting heads, minimizing waste. The machine tool is used in sawmills, in furniture and carpentry factories. The machine can work in a technological line in a set with other machines. The use of circular saw blades with a diameter of 350 mm allows for cutting boards with a maximum thickness of 85 mm, the maximum width of the material to be cut is 500 mm. Workpiece material is laid on the feeding table, on which there is a feeding belt with a width of 390 mm, the length of the entrance table is 3000 mm. The feed speed of the feeding belt is infinitely adjustable on the geared motor Due to the size of the cutting chamber, the minimum length of the cut boards is 1000 mm. Each of the circular saws is driven by a 5.2 kW motor, and lasers synchronized with it indicate cutting lines. Setting the cutting heads is carried out by controlling them from the control panel, and here the manufacturer presents two possibilities for the customer to control the cutting width setting. The first is a standard setting using the right and left head control buttons, the second version is equipped with a cutting width programmer, whose memory saves 8 different cutting dimensions, which can be changed at any time. The use of the programmer greatly speeds up the cutting process, because after pressing a given option on the programmer, the cutting heads diverge to the desired size. The price of the new PLN 50,000 net - Translated with google

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