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Produtos Troncos Industriais
Tipo de espécie Madeira maciça européia
Espécies Abedul
Origem Rússia
Região Кировская область


Sistema de classificação Norma européia
Qualidade a
Volume 60 m3 Única Entrega
Diâmetro 6-60 cm
comprimento 4000; 6000 mm
Certificação FSC
Descrição Balance is rough logs or the top of a tree.
Such wood is not suitable for making plywood, so it is usually used in the form of chips.
It is purchased by pulp or paper mills.
The pulpwood is supplied with intact bark, but processed branches.
Marks on the crowns containing a small amount of soot are also allowed.

Birch Balance is made from fresh trees. Length 4000/6000 mm.
Diameter from 6 to 60 cm. Minimum lot 60 m3. The volume of harvesting is 10000 m3 (from November to May).
Delivery, customs clearance is possible. Used for the production of cellulose.
The average price is 1300 rubles / m3 (price in a carriage at the station of departure). - Translated with google

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Incoterm FCA - Franco transportador País Rússia Região Киров
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