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Produtos Troncos serrados
Tipo de espécie Madeira da América do Sul
Espécies Angelim, Angelim Pédra
Origem Suriname


Sistema de classificação SBB
Qualidade A,B,C
Volume 20 - 200 m3 Única Entrega
Diâmetro 40-119 cm
comprimento 6-11 m
Descrição Angelim Pedra is red brown and the sapwood is clearly demarcated. The grain is straight or interlocked and the texture is medium. Hollow tree is very common. Unpleasant odour when green or rewetted. Density at 12 % moisture content: 1.07 g/cm3.

The blunting effect is fairly high and peeling and slicing is not recommended or without interest. Requires power. Nailing is good but pre-boring is necessary. Gluing is correct for interior only. Gluing must be done with care (very dense wood). It dries normal to slowly and kiln drying must be handled slowly and carefully. Air drying prior to kiln drying is recommended.

Angelim Pedra is very durable to fungi and is durable to dry wood borers; sapwood demarcated (risk limited to sapwood). Due to its high specific gravity and hardness, this species naturally covers the biological hazard class 5 (end-uses in marine environment or brackish water).

Angelim Pedra can be used for several applications such as:
• interior: e.g. industrial or heavy flooring, stairs
• exterior: e.g. posts, ship building, bridges, sleepers, flooring

Interior joinery, Exterior joinery, Current furniture or furniture components, Stairs (inside), Industrial or heavy flooring, Sliced veneer, Interior panelling, Exterior panelling, Moulding, Heavy carpentry, Flooring

Technical Information
Color: Orange Yellow
Trees Size: 30 – 40 m
Trunk Diameter: 0.7 – 1.20 m
Monnin Hardness: 6.3
Crushing Strength (Mpa): 60 – 74
Basic Specific gravity: 0.73 – 0.87
Density (kg/m3 dry): 1.07 Grain: Straigth or interlocked
Texture: Coarse
Static bending strength (Mpa): 119
Modulus of elasticy (Mpa dry): 20870
T/R Ratio: 1.7
Finish: Excellent
Stability: Moderately stable

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