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Produtos Troncos serrados
Tipo de espécie Madeira da América do Sul
Espécies Quaruba


Sistema de classificação SBB
Qualidade A,B,C
Volume 18 - 100 m3 Única Entrega
Diâmetro 40 - 79 cm
comprimento 6-11 m
Descrição Quaruba is pinkish brown to red brown, sometimes olive brown. The wood contains a white substance in the pores. It has clearly demarcated sapwood. The grain is straight or interlocked and the texture is medium. The grain is sometimes wavy. It has an unpleasant odour when green. Density at 12 % moisture content: 0.74 g/cm3.The wood is relatively easy to machine. Pre-drilling is recommended and finishing and gluing are reported to be good. The blunting effect is normal and peeling and slicing is reported to be good. Some species can be siliceous and present an important blunting effect. In this case, it is necessary to use adequate tools. It dries normal to quickly with a (small) tendency to warp or check. There are variable risks of distortion according to the species. High humidity recommended during the first stages of drying in order to reduce defects. Initial surface drying prior to kiln drying is recommended in order to reduce defects.

Wood frame house, Flooring, Interior and exterior joinery, Exterior panelling, Sliced veneer, Moulding, Boxes and crates, Glued laminated, Seats, Tool handles (resilient woods), Heavy carpentry, Exterior joinery, Interior panelling, Current furniture or furniture components, Ship building (planking and deck), Veneer for interior of plywood, Formwork, Vehicle or container flooring, Open boats.

Color: Pinkish brown
Trees Size: 30 – 60 m
Trunk Diameter: 0.5 – 1.0 m
Monnin Hardness: 4.7
Crushing Strength (Mpa): 59 – 79
Basic Specific gravity: 0.67 – 0.81
Density (kg/m3 dry): 0.74 Grain: Straight to interlocked
Texture: Medium to coarse
Static bending strength (Mpa): 103
Modulus of elasticy (Mpa dry): 19400
T/R Ratio: 1.7
Finish: Excellent
Stability: Poorly stable

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