Prices of wood products start to rise in parts of Asia

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The pandemic-caused container scarcitiy as well as the resulting increase of freight costs start showing their impact on the wood markets in Asia. But also other current effects are noticed. From the Fordaq network there comes information about several wood products whose prices are increasing.

Indian importers of Pine and Spruce from Europe recognize a price jump of about a quarter due tot he container crisis. Big players run with it, while smaller ones try to wait for a drop but the majoritiy might not have accurate storage capacities to do that for a long time. The Indian plywood industry is also under pressure because of non-availability of workers at factories. Also there is a very short supply of face veneers coming from Indonesia and Malaysia. The prices of face veneer therefor have also increased resulting in increased in plywood prices by about 3 to 5%.

In Indonesia also tropical forst logs are getting more expensive - due to the rainy season and resulting lack of supply. Some forests stopped harvesting due to lack of orders which causes supply shortage and price increase.

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