Latest timber products price movements in Brazil

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The Brazilian Forest Service (SFB) has recently concluded the bidding process for concession harvesting rights. The latest areas offered include forest areas in the Altamira National Forest (FLONA). Bids remain open for around 740,000 hectares areas in the FLONAS of Amaná, Crepori, and Saracá Taquera in the state of Pará.

So far there are more than 1 million hectares of FLONAs in the Amazon are under forest concession management. In addition to the production of timber whose origin can be traced forest concessions create jobs, investment and increase incomes for local administrations.

The Altamira FLONA has 360,000 hectares, divided into 4 forest management units that range from 39,000 and 113,000 hectares. In the bidding process companies are required to submit two different proposals, one technical and the price offer per cubic metre. Stumpage prices range from BRL 21 and 42 per cubic metre.

Brazilian logs, mill yard, domestic US$ per m3
Ipê 163
Jatoba 109
Guariuba 87
Mescla (white virola) 91

                                                                                                                                                Export Sawnwood Prices

Sawnwood, Belem/Paranagua Ports, FOB US$ per m3
Jatoba Green (dressed) 1,275
Cambara KD 740
Asian Market (green) Guariuba 372
Angelim pedra
Pine (AD) 220

                                                                                                                                            Domestic Sawnwood Prices

Brazil sawnwood, domestic (Green) US$ per m3
Northern Mills (ex-mill) Ipe 888
                                 Jatoba 614
Southern Mills (ex-mill) Eucalyptus (AD) 244
                                 Pine (KD) 1st grade 224

                                                                                                                                                Export Veneer Prices

Veneer, Export  (Belem/Paranagua Ports) FOB US$ per m3
White  Virola  Face  2.5  mm 341
Pine Veneer (C/D) 240
Rotary cut Veneer, domestic US$ per m3
(ex-mill Northern Mill)      Face    Core
White Virola      265   217

                                                                                                                                                Export Plywood Prices

Plywood Export, FOB US$ per m3
White  Virola  (US Market)  
5.2 mm OV2 (MR)
15 mm BB/CC (MR)
White Virola (Caribbean Market)  
4mm BB/CC (MR)
12mm BB/CC
Pine Plywood EU market, FOB US$ per m3
9mm C/CC (WBP) 374
15mm C/CC (WBP) 347
18mm C/CC (WBP) 343
Plywood Prices, domestic (ex-mill Southern mill) US$ per m3
Grade MR (B/BB)  White Virola 4mm 796
 White Virola 15mm
Domestic prices include taxes and may be sbject to discounts.

                                                                                                                                                 Prices For Other Panel Products

Belem/Paranagua Ports, FOB US$ per m3
Blackboard Pine  18mm  5 ply (B/C) 420
Domestic Prices, Ex-mill, Southern Region  
Blackboard White Virola faced 15mm 557
Particleboard 15mm 351

                                                                                                                                                Export Prices For Added Value Products

FOB Belem/Paranagua Ports US$ per m3
Decking Boards   Cambara 1,002
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