Finnish sawlog prices trending downwards

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Throughout the first five months of this year the average price for pine and spruce sawlogs in Finland has slightly trended downwards, while birch sawlogs price remained stable, as can be seen in the following infographic. In June, a slight gain in spruce price can be seen, while both pine and birch prices have continued to decrease, though with a minor difference as compared to May.  

From January till June, pine logs price lost about EUR 0,60 per cubic meter. However, on a yearly comparison (June 2013/June 2014), the price is still higher by EUR 0,70/m3. Spruce sawlogs price is also a bit higher both as compared to May 2014 as well as June 2013.

As the Finnish Forest Industries Federation (FFIF) reported, timber procurements were up 4% in the first half from the corresponding period of 2013. FFIF member companies purchased 16.9 million cubic metres of timber from private forests in January-June. Sawlog purchases totalled 7.6 million cubic metres and pulpwood procurements came to 8.6 million cubic metres.

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