Finland: Log prices rise in June

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Roundwood prices in Finland have increased in June 2016, as compared to the same period of 2015. Only birch pulpwood price decreased by -1.41%, as compared to June 2015. All the other pulpwood prices increased to some extent. Spruce price went up by 7.05% as compared to June 2015, and by 2% as compared to the previous month.

Also, the price for pine pulpwood increased by 0.36% as compared to the same month of 2015, but went down by 1% as compared to May 2016.

Logs prices have increased, with the price for spruce recording the highest level in June, at 6.19% over the same month of 2015. Pine and birch prices recorded increases of 3.21% and 2.87%, respectively.

Pine logs can be bought for EUR 57.15/m3, while spruce and birch prices amounted to EUR 58.42/m3 and EUR 49.30/m3, respectively. As for pulpwood assortments, the price for pine was EUR 27.66/m3 in June, while spruce and birch could have been acquired for EUR 30.51/m3 and EUR 28.58/m3 respectively.

  June 2015 May 2016 June 2016 Change in %


June 2015-June 2016

Pine logs 55.37 56.92 57.15 +3.21%
Spruce logs 55.01 56.83 58.42 +6.19%
Birch logs 47.92 46.43 49.30 +2.87%
Pine pulpwood 27.56 27.96 27.66 +0.36%
Spruce pulpwood 28.50 29.89 30.51 +7.05%
Birch pulpwood 28.91 28.72 28.58 -1.14%


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