Finland: Roundwood prices in February 2016

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Roundwood prices in Finland have generally declined in February 2016 both as compared to January as well as compared to the same month of last year. Over January, pine sawlogs' price is lower by EUR -0.72/cbm, while birch sawlogs are cheaper by EUR -0.78/cbm. Spruce has registered only a slight price decline. Pulpwood assortments prices have also trended downwards, however only with insignificant changes.

On a yearly basis, Finnish roundwood prices show the same decreasing tendency. Spruce and pine sawlogs are both cheaper compared to February 2015, while pulpwood assortments have become slightly cheaper.

Roadside prices of roundwood in Finland EUR/m³ over bark

February 2015 January 2016 February 2016 Change
to February/2016
Pine 56.89 56.08 55.36 -2.68%
Spruce 55.43 55.55 55.27 -0.28%
Birch 47.19 46.97 46.21 -2.07%
Pine 27.45 27.47 27.42 %
Spruce 30.13 29.85 29.83 -1%
Birch 29.31 28.73 28.56 -2.55%

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