Roundwood prices in Finland lower than last year

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Throughout the first five months of this year the average price for pine and spruce sawlogs in Finland has slightly trended downwards, while birch sawlogs price remained stable, as can be seen in the following infographic. However, in June and July a slight gain in pine and spruce can be noticed, while birch price has started to decrease.

From January to July, pine sawlogs have become cheaper by about EUR 0,50 per cubic meter. Against the same month last year, the price is lower by almost 4 percent. Spruce sawlogs price is also a bit higher as compared to June 2014, but lower by 2,4 percent as compared to July 2013. Birch price has declined both as compared to June (by almost EUR 1/cbm) as well as compared to July 2013 (-6%).

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