Germany: oak log price index development split

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AlternativtextThe German producer price indices for oak held their previous month's level in February 2021. On average, the index value corresponded to that of January - 115.3 points. A qualities decreased by 9.1% to 86.2 points, while B quality gained momentum (+ 3.3% to 117.3 points), especially in the 5 m length, which increased by 5.6% to 132.9 points. But 3 m lengths were also able to make up a little in terms of price (+ 4% to 114.8 points).

C-logs also switched back to the upwards trend in February and gained 0.9% to 121.8 points. This was primarily due to the 5 m lengths, which rose by 3.2% to 123.9 points and were thus able to counter the somewhat weaker price decline for 3 m long ranges (-1% to 122.7 points).

AlternativtextOak pulpwood continued the downward trend of the past few months and reached a score of 77 (-1.4%). As a result, the hardwood pulpwood price index also fell further - by 1.3% to 92 points. And industrial beech wood also recorded a decrease of 1.3% to 94.7 points.

In a year-on-year comparison, the index for oak logs fell by 2%. A quality lost 23%. B quality, on the other hand, gained 4% compared to the value from February 2020, with + 6% for 3 m lengths and + 8% for 5 m lengths. C logs saw a 1% increase and industrial quality fell by 8%.

You get to the table with these and other calculations here.

Data source: Destatis: producer price indices for the products of logging from the state forests

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