Germany: Spruce roundwood price index increases strongly in some cases again

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AlternativtextThe German producer price indices for spruce followed an upward trend almost consistently in December 2020, with two exceptions: Spruce B sections with +0.14% were more on the previous month's level (71.8 points) and spruce long showed one with -0.51% slight downward trend to a level of 58.4 points. B/C sections, on the other hand, continued their steep increase of the previous month and landed at 57.3 points (+5.7%), which was the same with spruce B/C that rose by +10.3% to 52.6 points. Spruce B, on the other hand, slowed its increase, which had started in October 2020 (+1% to 70.3 points). pulpwood spruce was also on it’s way to the 50-point mark with a somewhat flatter development than in the previous month (+1.3% to 48.3 points).

AlternativtextCompared to the same month last year, pulpwood spruce was still 15% behind - spruce decreased even by 18%. Spruce B/C was still 8% behind - Spruce B sections again by 11%.

Compared with other softwoods, spruce again tended the most upwards in December 2020, followed by the slightly slowed down Douglas fir. Pine even yielded minimally, even losing 9% year-on-year (spruce: -8%). Douglas fir slightly exceeded its previous year's level and has been comparatively stable in price since February.

You get to the table with these and other calculations here.

Data source: Destatis: producer price indices for the products of logging from the state forests

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