Germany: Spruce roundwood price index takes a little damper

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AlternativtextThe German producer price indices for spruce fell again somewhat in February 2021 after the initial dynamic at the beginning of the year. On average, the index fell by 0.5% to a level of 65.2 points compared to January. B-qualities even recorded a minus of 2.3% to 69.3 points, including 3 m lengths with -2.2% to 69.9 points and 4/5 m lengths with -2.3% to 71, 5 points contributing equally.

C-logs, on the other hand, remained true to their January rate on average - albeit weakened and not consistently. The index increased by an average of 3% to 59.4 points, with 3 m lengths being the driving force with + 7.3% to 63.6 points, while 4/5 m lengths decreased by 3.1% to 59, 3 points.

AlternativtextSpruce pulpwood fell slightly in February by 0.7% to 46 points, with coniferous pulpwood generally showing an upward trend (+ 4.1% to 55.5 points). This was equally due to Douglas fir (+ 7.8% to 52.5 points) and pine (+ 7.6% to 67.6 points).

The spruce index fell by 3% year-on-year. B-qualities even recorded a minus of 10%, to which 3 m lengths with -9% and 4/5 m lengths with -10% contributed equally. C-logs maintained the level on average, with 3 m lengths increasing by 4%, while 4/5 m lengths decreased by 6%. And the index for spruce pulpwood was 15% below the value for the same month last year.

You get to the table with these and other calculations here.

Data source: Destatis: producer price indices for the products of logging from the state forests

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