Guyana: Increased export prices celebrated

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In the last two weeks of August there were no exports of greenheart and purpleheart logs. However, mora logs were traded and secured better prices in the international markets for all categories.

The top end prices for Standard quality was US$160 per cu.m FOB, Fair quality mora logs earned US$140 per cu.m FOB and Small quality prices were US$130 per cu.m FOB. Guyana’s log export market continues to be supported by the Asian market.

UAE re-enters the market for sawn greenheart

Exports of both dressed and undressed sawnwood made a notable contribution to overall export earnings during the period reviewed. After a long absence in the trade Undressed greenheart (Prime category) attracted buyers in the United Arab Emirates and earned a price of US$1,231 per cu.m FOB.

Undressed greenheart (select) was also traded at prices as high as US$997 per cu.m FOB with the main destinations being the Caribbean, Europe and North America.

Undressed purpleheart (select) export prices improved and the top end price increased from US$1,230 to US$1,993 per cu.m FOB in some major market such as the Caribbean, Europe and North America.
However the price for Undressed purpleheart (merchantable) remained at US$650 per cu.m FOB. There was no export of Undressed mora during the period reviewed.

Jump in price for dressed hardwoods in Caribbean markets

Dressed greenheart FOB prices moved from US$1,166 to US$1,455 per cu.m. In contrast Dressed purpleheart export prices recorded decline in its top end price from US$1,272 to US$1,124 per cu.m FOB. The main market for dressed greenheart and purpleheart was the Caribbean.

Prices for BB/CC quality plywood increased from US$584 to US$615 per cu.m FOB in Caribbean and South America markets.

Splitwood prices remained stable of US$1,023 per cu.m FOB while roundwood (wallaba posts) earned prices as much as US$658 per cu.m FOB in the Caribbean.

Similarly, greenheart piles also attracted a favourable export market price of US$472 per cu.m FOB with Europe being the main market.

Assistance for value added manufacturers

The Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) is seeking funds from the ‘Compete Caribbean, Support for Cluster Initiatives’ (SCI) a collaborative effort among a number of partners including IDB, UK Aid and Canada.

The GFC’s request is for support for a project Building Capacity for Exporting Value Added Products in Forestry.

This project seeks to assist the value added wood sector of Guyana to address constraints to production and exports.

Export Log Prices

Logs, FOB Georgetown
 SQ - $ Avg unit per m3
Std Fair Small
- - -
- - -
120-160 115-140 110-130
*Small SQ is used for piling in the USA and EU. Price depends on length. In the case of no price indication, there is no reported export during the period under review.
Export Sawnwood Prices
Logs, FOB Georgetown  $ Avg unit per m3
EU and US markets Undressed dressed
Greenheart Prime 1217-1231 -
Standard - 650-1,455
Select 600-997  
Sound No export  
Merchantable No export  
Purpleheart Prime - -
Standard - 721-1,124
Select 1,018-1,993  
Sound -  
Merchantable  650  
Mora Prime -  
Select -  
Sound -  
Merchantable -  

In the case of no price indication, there is no reported export during the period under review.

Export Plywood Prices

Plywood, FOB Georgetown Port $ Avg unit val. per m3
Baromalli BB/CC 5.5mm -
    12mm 450-615
  Utility 5.5mm -
    12mm -
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