India: current prices for teak, sawnwood and plywood

ITTO's Tropical Timber Market Report
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Supplies and shipments of imported plantation teak have been maintained and the volume of imports increased by 5% over the past month. Some minor price changes have been reported.

Current prices for plantation teak C & F Indian ports, per cubic metre are shown below.

  US$ per m3
Tanzania Teak sawn 350-700
Côte d'Ivoire logs 450-850
PNG logs 400-550
El-salvador logs 300-450
Guatemala logs 400-500
Nigeria squares 300-500
Ghana logs 300-650
Guyana logs 300-450
Benin logs 350-700
Benin sawn 700-800
Brazil squares 350-600
Colombia logs 350-600
Togo logs 350-500
Ecuador squares 280-450
Costa Rica logs 380-550
Panama logs 350-550
Sudan logs 400-800

Variations are based on quality, lengths of logs and the average girth of the logs.

Imports of teak and other hardwoods

The volumes of teak and other sawn hardwood imports from April 2012 to March 2013 are shown below.

Non-teak timber imports, cu.m

Arau 67,719
Beech 28,686
Gurjan 164,793
Keruing 150,001
Kapur 209,337
Kempas 163,087
Mengerris 13,448
Meranti 1,093,308
Mersawa 13,626
Resak 68,608
Selangan Batu 110,378

                                                                                                                                        Sources of natural and plantation teak imports, cu.m.

Benin 42,986
Brazil 18,535
Colombia 1,103
Costa Rica 35,844
Ecuador 96,658
El—Salvador 5,488
Ghana 53,422
Guatemala 1,975
Guinea 3,934
Ivory Coast 34,297
Mexico 1,429
Myanmar 75,797
Nigeria 8,814
Panama 42,488
Sudan 13,104
Tanzania 16,345
Togo 11,553
Uruguay 2,677
Other sources (13) 4,086

                                                                                                                                      Domestic prices for sawnwood

The domestic prices for air dried sawnwood remained unchanged over the past two weeks.

Sawnwood, (Ex-mill) (AD) Rs. per ft3
Red Meranti
Radiata Pine (AD)
White wood

                                                                                                                                           Prices for domestically milled Myanmar teak sawnwood

Sawnwood (Ex-mill) Rs. per ft3
Myanmar Teak (AD)  
Export Grade F.E.Q.
Plantation Teak A grade
Plantation Teak B grade
Plantation Teak FAS grade

Price variations depend mainly on length and cross section of sawn pieces

Prices for imported KD 12% sawnwood, per cu.ft ex-warehouse

Sawnwood, (Ex-warehouse) (KD) Rs per ft3
Beech 1200-1250
Sycamore 1200-1300
Red oak 1500-1650
White Oak 1600-1800
American Walnut 2300-2400
Hemlock clear grade 1100-1300
Hemlock AB grade 950-1000
Western Red Cedar 1550-1600
Douglas Fir 1200-1300

                                                                                                                                           Prices for domestically manufactured plywood

WBP Marine grade from domestic mills

Plywood, Rs per sq.ft
Ex-warehouse. (MR Quality)  
4 mm 30.00
6 mm 44.00
12 mm 67.00
15 mm 79.00
18 mm 95.00

                                                                                                                                                MR grade from domestic mills

Locally Manufactured
Plywood “Commercial
Rs per sq.ft
  Rubberwood Hardwood
4mm Rs.14.50 Rs.23.00
6mm Rs.21.75 Rs.31.50
8mm Rs.27.25 Rs.35.50
12mm Rs.32.75 Rs.41.50
19mm RS.46.00 Rs.56.50
5mm Flexible ply Rs.31.50  
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