Myanmar: Tender prices collapse on heels of log export ban

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Average prices secured by the MTE during the latest open tender (28 April) are shown below along with the average prices obtained in the previous sale for comparison.

As logs can no longer be exported but have to be milled locally the decline in average prices is in line with forecasts made by local analysts.

Given the sizeable volume of unshipped logs in the country observers do not foresee a rise in open tender sale prices in the coming months.

Average prices US$ per hoppus ton are shown below.

Species Grade H. Tons Avg. Price Previous Avg. Price
Teak Sawing Grade-1 15 3889 5722
Teak Sawing Grade-2 14 3000 4996
Teak Sawing Grade-4 57 2840 3362
Teak Sawing Grade-5 15 2266 3022
Teak Sawing Grade-6 22 1666 1501
Padauk unshipped export 6 2188 3500-3880
Tamalan ditto 1 3188 8598
Pyikadoe ditto 127 586 386

                                                                                                                                         Tamalan (Dalbergia oliveri) is the favourite of Chinese buyers and attracted very high prices prior to the log export ban as can be seen from the above table.

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