Myanmar: Teak prices at latest auctions

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The following timber was sold by tender on 23 February 2015 and on 9 March 2015at the Yangon depot by the Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE). Average prices for logs are expressed in hoppus tons.

Observers say that most of the teak logs recently sold were those which remained up-shipped when the log export ban came into force last year and as such they were of poor quality and this was reflected in the prices secured.

Grade Tons Avg US$/ton
SG-2 7 4667
SG-4 74 4074
SG-5 36 2888
SG-6 36 1719
SG-7 85 1476


Teak harvest to fall below 100,000 tons

Analysts have expressed concern that MTE will be unable to meet its harvest target of 60,000 hoppus tons of teak logs for this fiscal year. As the end of the fiscal year approaches it seems likely this will be the first time in decades for the teak harvest to be below 100,000 tons. The lower than expected teak log harvest is likely to impact price trends in the coming months.

Ex-site open tender prices

At the 9 March open tender sale at Chindwin (Sagaing)/Bago and Pathein (only for the timber Taung Thayet) the following prices were secured.

Species Grade H. tons Avg Price US$/H. ton
Kanyin First 1045 $602
Kanyin Second 1004 $447
In First 191 $409
In Second 194 $308
Thayet Second 17 $315
Taung Thayet Second 218 $190


Most of the Kanyin logs were from the Upper Chindwin River area in Homalin and Mawlike (Sagaing Division), North West Myanmar. Only about 600 tons were from the Sittang River Rafting Agency and Bago North Area.

Kanyin is Dipterocarpus spp; and In is Dipterocarus tuberculatus. Kanyin is also called Myanmar Gurjan. Thayet or Taw Thayet is Mangifera caloneura. Taung Thayet is Swintonia floribunda.

Kanyin logs are purchased for peeling veneer and In logs are for cutting into sawn timber. Gurjan is sought for making container flooring.

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