Sales of teak and other hardwoods at western Indian forest depots

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Auctions were held at Ahwa, Borkhet, and Waghai depots of the Dangs Forest Division. Auctions were also held at various depots of the Rajpipla and Vyara Forest Division. Approximately 7,000 cubic metres of teak and about 4,000 cubic metres of non-teak hardwoods were sold.

Because the monsoon has set in buyers know that future auctions may be postponed so there was active bidding for the available logs which pushed prices slightly higher than in previous auctions. Average prices recorded at the most recent auction are as follows:

Teak logs Per cubic foot
A quality for ship building Rs.2200 - 2300
B quality for ship building Rs.2100 - 2200
A for sawing Rs. 2000-2050
B or sawing Rs. 1950-2000
A Long length logs Rs. 1850~1900
B Long length logs Rs 1800-1850
Long length, Medium Quality Rs 1500-1600
Short Length, Medium Quality Rs 1050-1100
Short Length, Average Quality Rs 950-1000

                                                                                                                                             Prices for Haldu (Adina cordifolia) and Laurel (Terminalia tomentosa) logs

3m to 4m Length Per cubic foot
46 to 60 cm. girth Rs 150-200
61 to 75 cm. Girth Rs 250-300
76 to 90 cm. Girth Rs 400-500
above 91cm. girth Rs 500-600

                                                                                                                                     Plantation teak imports

Plantation teak imports have slowed due mainly to the sharp depreciation of the rupee against US Dollar, the main currency used in this trade. Indian importers try to effect payments quickly so as to secure the best exchange rate as the rupee continued to weaken. Current prices, C & F Indian ports per cubic metre are shown below.

  US$ per m3
Tanzania Teak sawn 350-700
Côte d'Ivoire logs 450-750
PNG logs 400-550
El-salvador logs 350-650
Guatemala logs 350-500
Nigeria squares 300-450
Ghana logs 300-650
Guyana logs 300-450
Benin logs 400-600
Benin sawn 700-800
Brazil squares 350-600
Colombia logs 400-550
Togo logs 350-500
Ecuador squares 300-450
Costa Rica logs 380-650
Panama logs 350-550
Sudan logs 400-700
Congo logs 450-550
Kenya logs 450-500
Thailand logs 350-450
Trinidad and Tobago logs 500-550
Uganda logs 550-650

Variations are based on quality, lengths of logs and the average girth of the logs.

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