Sawlog prices drop slightly in Sweden

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The average delivery prices of sawlogs in Sweden fell by 2% in the Q1 of 2016, compared to the Q4 of 2015. The prices fell by 3% in the Northern region and decreased by 5% and 3% in Central and Southern regions, respectively, the Swedish Forest Agency reported. 

Pulpwood prices remained unchanged in the mentioned period, compared to the Q4 of 2015. Also, the pulpwood prices increased by 4% in the Northern region and, at the same time, fell by 1% in the Central region.

At the moment the Swedish rising economy offers great benefits for sawmills. Also, the competitiveness of the Swedish sawn timber and pulp and paper sectors benefit from the weak Swedish krona.

Q1 2016 shows that Sweden's economy continues to stand out relative to similar countries. Extremely low interest rates and the recent weak krona determined growth for the economy. Yet, given the mediocre development in the rest of the world, it is not realistic to expect that the Swedish economy will continue to boom in the upcoming period.

Most sectors of the Swedish forest industry have encountered a slight slowdown in early 2016, except for the construction sector, which has developed very good in recent months. The consumption of wood products has also developed well. But the Swedish sawmills experienced a prolonged period of falling export prices caused by the lingering global oversupply and fierce competition.

Sweden's production of pulp had a positive development during 2015 and the positive trend continued in January and February 2016. The confidence indicator for the Swedish pulp&paper industry showed a strong rebound in the first two months as to fall back slightly in March. However, the indicator is well above its historical average. Moreover, Swedish manufacturers expect a slight growth in the coming months.


Roadside prices of roundwood in Sweden EUR/m³ u.b. 

Q1 2015 Q4 2015 Q1 2016 Change 
  to Q1/2015
Change Q1/2016 to Q4/2015
Pine 50,52 52,75 50,19 -0.65% -4.85%
Spruce 55,05 57,88 55,79 +1.34% -3.61%
Pine&Spruce average 52,78 55,31 52,99 +0.39% -4.19%
Pine 28,00 28,72 29,08 +3.85% +1.25%
Spruce 29,15 30,47 30,05 +3.08% -1.37%
Pulpwood average 28,57 29,59 29,56 +3.46% -0.10%


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