Switzerland: Price of wood pellets grows slightly in December

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In December, prices for wood pellets in Switzerland continued to rise, but more slowly than in November. The average price for quality ENplus A1 pellets is currently CHF 369.60 / t. That's 0.5% more than in November. In the previous month, the price had risen by 1.2%. Compared to the previous year's value of December 2017, the average price fell by 0.6%. Here, a minimal plus was recorded in November.

Depending on the quantity delivered, one tonne of pellets costs from CHF 358.03 (8t) to CHF 382.20 (3t).

Larger quantities (17t) for commercial purposes cost an average of 344.43 CHF / t. That is 0.5% more than in November and with only 5 cents less than in the same month last year.

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Fung Fwei Chong
Dear sirs. Greetings. Please help advise on the pellet average price to Switzerland in 2017 and 2016