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  • Julho 29, 2021 12:21

EU furniture trade surprisingly stable

While the production index gives an insight into the highly volatile market conditions for furniture in Europe during the COVID pandemic, the trade data seems surprisingly stable. In terms of USD trade value, trade in 2020 was little changed from the previous year...... [mais...]

  • Vírus Corona
  • Julho 28, 2021 15:46

Delta variety puts Vietnam and Indonesia into another lockdown

Due to the raging delta variety of the Corona virus that currently kills hundreds of citizens each day in Indonesia, the government as decided on another lockdown until August 2nd – so far. Only essential work is allowed. All other factories need to close in wide parts of the country such... [mais...]

  • Interior
  • Julho 26, 2021 10:31

Encouraging signs for European furniture sector

The global significance of the European furniture sector, and some positive signs for the sector after the turmoil caused by the COVID pandemic, are highlighted in recent reports in World Furniture, the trade journal of CSIL, the Milan-based furniture market research organisation...... [mais...]

  • Serrarias
  • Julho 23, 2021 15:36

Polish furniture and construction industry afraid to loose competitiveness

The Polish furniture and construction industry recognizes the global wood price dynamic a little less intense as other countries, yet, as domestic prices did not increase as much so far. But the currently existing balancing solution for that – the allowance for the national forsts to sell... [mais...]

  • Painéis
  • Julho 20, 2021 16:46

Development of reactive latex mixtures for the wood industry should prevent wood discoloration

In a research project between the Institute for Wood Technology Dresden (IHD) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research (IAP), reactive latex mixtures are to be developed and tested for their practicality in the wood industry. In contrast to commercial systems, this... [mais...]

  • Painéis
  • Julho 19, 2021 15:06

Shandong Huan Ge Decoration produces first board on Siempelkamp plant for ultra-thin MDF

The Chinese manufacturer of MDF panels, Shandong Huan Ge Decoration Co, Ltd, produced the first board on a Siempelkamp line for ultra-thin MDF with a 9' x 28.8m ContiRoll® press. The scope of supply also includes a matforming machine, pre-press, and compactor. The... [mais...]

  • Silvicultura
  • Julho 16, 2021 11:45

The European woodworking industries called by EEC to decarbonize key sectors of the economy

The European woodworking industries have been advocating for a long time for an increased recognition of the role of wood-based products to decarbonize key sectors of the economy...... [mais...]

  • Silvicultura
  • Julho 15, 2021 17:35

European timber importers call for a larger FSC-certified area in Brazil

A group of timber traders representing significant import volumes of timber from Brazil to the European market is calling for more FSC-certified area in Brazil. In an open letter sent to the Brazilian forest sector, the signatories aim to motivate the market of sustainably sourced timber... [mais...]

  • Painéis
  • Julho 13, 2021 13:45

Thünen Report is devoted to systematic consideration of VOC emissions

Wood products can emit numerous volatile organic compounds (VOC). In the scientific literature, data on this is prepared very differently and cannot always be compared with one another. In a review article, researchers from the Thünen Institute of Wood Research put the available... [mais...]

  • Painéis
  • Julho 09, 2021 10:40

UK wooden furniture imports up 17% this year

Overall the UK imported USD241 million of tropical wooden furniture products in the first four months of this year, 17% more than the same period in 2020...... [mais...]

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