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Russia: Government officials disagree on ban on timber exports to China

Russia's environment minister has warned of a ban on timber exports to China but the trade minister does not agree...... [mais...]

Wood-metal composite windows gain ground in western Europe

Western European sales of windows with wood content should hit €5.38 billion in 2019, including €2.62 billion of wood-only products and €2.86 billion of wood-metal composite products...... [mais...]


DREMA as the indicator of the economic situation

The woodworking and furniture sectors have had some really good years behind them. Revenues have been rising in the sectors, as has profitability. Companies have invested heavily in the automation of production processes. Today, there are some threats lurking in the horizon. What is the future of the industry in the years to come? We will learn about it during the September's trade shows - DREMA, Furnica and Sofab 2019...... [mais...]

US sawn tropical hardwood imports from Brazil jumped 25% in June

US imports of sawn tropical hardwood were down by 25% in June following a strong May, but still greatly outpaced volume from one year ago. Imports fell to 18,193 cubic meters..... [mais...]

Derome to acquire Woody Anderstorp

Derome, Sweden’s largest family owned wood industry focused company, acquires Woody Anderstorp and joins the construction trade on January 1, 2020...... [mais...]

China: Surge in wood furniture export through Huizhou city

According to Huizhou Customs the value of wooden furniture exports from Huizhou City surged nearly 200% to US$887 million in the first half of 2019 setting a new record high...... [mais...]

Vietnam: Calls for long-term plantation plan

Forest plantations play a vital role in the national wood processing industry and Nyssaceae (dogwood) is utilised commercially...... [mais...]


IFMAC 2019 - The International Furniture Manufacturing Component Exhibition Covering Quality Needs for Indonesia’s Rising Furniture Industry

IFMAC reached a new milestone as it now formally becomes a member of Deutsche Messe’s portfolio of ‘Woodworking Shows Worldwide’. From the 9-12 October 2019, IFMAC will inject ideas from market leaders and renowned brands to allow domestic companies to gain better production output and manufacturing performance by embracing new production machinery, equipment and products...... [mais...]

Polkky to build 100,000 m3/year planing mill

Pölkky Oy has announced the construction of a new planing mill in Taivalkoski, Finland. The new facility will have an annual capacity of over 100 000 m3...... [mais...]

Stasis in EU market for wooden doors

Eurostat PRODCOM data shows that the total value of wood doors supplied to the EU increased just 0.1% to €7.36 billion in 2018. Most new wood door installations in the EU comprise domestically manufactured products. The EU’s domestic production was static at €7.0 billion in 2018...... [mais...]

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New import rules for USA hardwood Logs in EU

The new EU implementing directive 2019/523 of 21 March 2019 (available on request) concerns the protection measures against the introduction...... [ mais...]

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