• Silvicultura
  • Dezembro 05, 2019 11:08

WWF accuses Austrian parquet manufacturers of illegal timber trade

WWF Austria accuses four Austrian parquet manufacturers of importing illegally harvested timber from the Ukraine. The WWF relies on a report from the search platform "Addendum"...... [mais...]

  • Silvicultura
  • Dezembro 05, 2019 09:29

Vietnam: Wood products exports top US$1 billion in just one month

In October the value of Vietnam's wood product exports was US$1,037 billion, up 20% compared to September and by 23% compared to October 2018...... [mais...]

  • Painéis
  • Dezembro 03, 2019 15:00

Some Indonesian lauan and meranti plywood now eligible for duty-free entry to US

The Office of the US Trade Representative has redesignated certain lauan and meranti plywood from Indonesia ...... [mais...]

  • Painéis
  • Dezembro 03, 2019 13:13

Vietnamese plywood under anti-dumping risk in US

The import tariff on Vietnamese plywood in the US market is in range of 0–8%; meanwhile, the anti-dumping duty on Chinese plywood is 183.36% and the anti-subsidy tariffs for imported Chinese plywood are 22.98–194.90%...... [mais...]

  • Painéis
  • Dezembro 02, 2019 12:20

RDIF, Mubadala and Sveza agree key terms for construction of pulp mill

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), Russia’s sovereign wealth fund and Mubadala Investment Company, UAE’s sovereign wealth fund, have announced that they reached an agreement on the key terms for the joint investment in a pulp mill construction project with Sveza ...... [mais...]

  • Silvicultura
  • Novembro 29, 2019 09:27

Germany: Sale of wood products increase by 2.5% in 1Q-3Q 2019 despite challenges

After nine months, the German timber trade sector increase its sales across all assortments by 2.5%...... [mais...]

  • Silvicultura
  • Novembro 27, 2019 13:11

Indonesian plywood, bamboo, rattan listed in US GSP programme

The US Trade Representative (USTR) has indicated that laminated bamboo plywood (HS 44121005), thin plywood measuring less than 66 mm (HS 44123141155), and rattan for hand-made souvenirs (HS 46021223) are eligible for cuts in Generalized System of Preferences tariffs on exports to the US...... [mais...]

  • Silvicultura
  • Novembro 27, 2019 12:15

Arauco reports 10% decrease in sales for 3Q/2019

Arauco, one of the largest forestry companies in the world, reported that sales revenue reached USD 1,387.2 million during the third quarter of 2019, a decrease of 10.5 percent compared to the same period of 2018 (3Q-2018: USD 1,549.9)...... [mais...]

  • Painéis
  • Novembro 25, 2019 15:35

The German parquet industry on a downward trend

According to the results of the current internal quarterly survey of the Association of the German Parquet Industry (VDP), parquet sales in Germany fell by a total of around 1.7% to 7.4 million sqm from January to September 2019. After a slight increase of 0.1% in the first half of 2019, parquet sales fell by 5.4% in the third quarter...... [mais...]

  • Preços de Mercado
  • Novembro 25, 2019 10:12

Germany: Producer prices for wood products continue to fall in October 2019

German producer prices for commercial wood products continued to fall in October 2019, both year-on-year and as compared to the previous month...... [mais...]

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