• Silvicultura
  • Dezembro 05, 2019 09:29

Vietnam: Wood products exports top US$1 billion in just one month

In October the value of Vietnam's wood product exports was US$1,037 billion, up 20% compared to September and by 23% compared to October 2018...... [mais...]

  • Preços de Mercado
  • Dezembro 04, 2019 13:02

Rising prices for New Zealand's exports of logs in November

At Wharf Gate (AWG) prices for export logs delivered to ports around New Zealand in November increased by an average of...... [mais...]

  • Silvicultura
  • Dezembro 04, 2019 11:27

STTC Conference considers links between FLEGT licenses and forest certification

To rebuild share in the European market, the tropical wood sector must exploit emerging opportunities from the synergies between the FLEGT VPA process and private sector forest certification initiatives, and to focus relentlessly on communicating simple messages to target audiences of architects...... [mais...]

  • Construção de madeira
  • Dezembro 03, 2019 10:13

Housing starts in Japan fall for the fourth consecutive month

Housing starts in Japan slumped 7.4 percent year-on-year in October 2019...... [mais...]

  • Silvicultura
  • Novembro 28, 2019 13:18

Australia’s forestry sector strong in export markets

An Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) report released today highlights continued growth in Australia’s forestry sector thanks to strong export performance...... [mais...]

  • Preços de Mercado
  • Novembro 27, 2019 15:21

Tyrol: Sharp rise in spruce sawlogs price

In October, the average price for the main assortment spruce sawlogs B/ C 2a-3b rose sharply...... [mais...]

  • Silvicultura
  • Novembro 27, 2019 10:06

Report predicts US wood millwork demand will rise 2.4% yearly

A report on wood millwork in the U.S. recently released from Freedonia Focus Reports predicts that demand will increase 2.4% annually in nominal terms through 2023...... [mais...]

  • Silvicultura
  • Novembro 26, 2019 12:23

Sharp drop in Ghana's wood products exports

Ghana recorded an export volume of 208,553 cu.m of wood products in the period January–August 2019, valued at EUR 106 million...... [mais...]

  • Construção de madeira
  • Novembro 25, 2019 12:35

US housing starts jump to 12-year high

U.S. homebuilding rebounded in October and permits for future home construction jumped to a more than 12-year high...... [mais...]

  • Preços de Mercado
  • Novembro 25, 2019 10:12

Germany: Producer prices for wood products continue to fall in October 2019

German producer prices for commercial wood products continued to fall in October 2019, both year-on-year and as compared to the previous month...... [mais...]

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