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Descrição Scanners and industrial vision systems (SISPZ) are used in modern enterprises with a high level of automation of work processes. They allow you to determine the type of wood, control the dimensions and scan the surface for defects using predefined algorithms. The main features are the high accuracy of the operations performed and the speed, provided that the appropriate software and computers with the required computing power are used.
Application of SISPZ provides:
high level of automation of performed operations;
acceleration of technological processes;
reduced participation of manual labor;
improving the efficiency of inspection and quality control;
minimization of waste and defective products.
Transverse scanner. The complex consists of one or two scanners of the plane and edge zones, a system for determining the geometry and control. It monitors externally visible defects and configuration violations.
Longitudinal scanner: The longitudinal scanner also detects visible defects and geometry irregularities. Used in cutting and grading lines.
As an option, it is possible to supply additional means of control and scanning of workpieces (finished materials). These include a moisture determination module, an automated control system, etc.
The advantages of our scanners

Reliability. We design scanners and industrial vision systems to the highest standards. Each component is thoroughly tested prior to assembly. Finished products are subjected to multilevel testing to detect the slightest deviations and errors.
Wear resistance. All equipment is designed for long duty cycles and harsh climatic conditions. The cases are made with a large margin of safety.

Efficiency. The developed solutions are distinguished by high accuracy and efficiency, which is the result of many years of experience, the use of new technologies and proprietary developments.
Adaptability. We offer state-of-the-art instruments and software with a wide range of settings and functions. This allows you to adapt the implemented solutions, taking into account the specifics of production, equipment used and manufactured products.
Functionality. You can buy scanners from us for working with all types of workpieces, capable of controlling dimensions, detecting defects, providing information for calculations for removing bark, sawing, etc.

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